Signs and death of the Aztec Empire

In the decade before the landing of Cortez in the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan, appeared in the night sky of fire, like the dawn, the pyramid. At dawn phenomenon disappeared. Soon the temple of the god of fire broke out and he was almost put out — in the ancient structure to burst lightning. The sky color is often seen mirages — unusually dressed bearded men riding on some strange animals (horses were unknown to the Aztecs). Clerics urged the people to prepare for the bad …

Thus, the events of the conquest of the Aztecs nebyli unexpected. Montezuma himself supreme leader suffered greatly because of the signs. Shortly before the invasion, he ordered to cut his face on the sacred rock of Chapultepec, as did the previous kings at the height of its power. Montezuma depicted in a cloak of skin flayed from the girl, in a display image of the god of the harvest.

Everything went on as before. Continued tribal wars, the empire of the Aztecs conquered new lands. Montezuma has introduced the so-called flower war — solely for the capture of prisoners and then bring them to the gods. The leaders of the enemy tribes withdrawal from a predetermined number of soldiers, and after the battle feasted admiring sacrifices from among the prisoners and survivors. In this case, the Aztec nobility and chiefs were eating their limbs podnosimye soldiers slaughtered in honor of the gods.

On a massive stone calendar (disc weighing 25 tons and a diameter of 3.5 m) occurred ritual fights. Captive chain tied to a post, fortified in the center and gave him some defective guns, which he was forced to defend themselves against the powerfully armed "eagle warrior." Before that soldiers fed intoxicating drinks. Be part of the fight, by the way, it was an honor for both. Moreover, prisoners condemned to death sometimes able to give a fitting rebuff to the opponents, and then "eagle warrior" was changed to "jaguar warrior." Wounded to death prisoner grabbed priests vsparivali his chest and a trembling heart, and raised above the head, show the sun.

In Aztec Zodiac was not 12, and 13 constellations. They worshiped the numbers 9 and 13, and not three, seven and a dozen in Europe. There they own and astrology, but there is no evidence that they are the stars foretell the future.
Almost all of the daily life of the Aztecs, we know from their drawing books, codes, similar to our puzzles. Of these, we know, in particular, that in the last years before the Conquest, cannibalistic rituals performed with even greater activity: just dozens of victims. Each dawn and a little bit event welcomed sacrifice. For these rituals are not enough people, in spite of continuous war. But even positions in the army is directly dependent on the number of prisoners taken Warrior — after each successive five brave man relied new, more colorful coat and a special mark of distinction.

Thus, to the XVI century Aztec customs so different from the European, even very harsh Spanish conquerors had a deep horror, looking at the local customs, rituals. You bet! Only in the main square of the capital was ten sacrificial pyramids! Towered over all the basic — great Teocalli. At the top and benches on special facilities, like a giant abacus, were strung thousands of skulls. By the time of the arrival of the Spaniards in the largest of these gratings were … 136,000 sun-bleached skulls!
Such anomalous civilization could not withstand the pressure of too cruel, but canceled the armed invaders. However, the fall of a great empire promoted and imported by the Spanish pox.

The appearance on the coast of the newcomers impressed everyone. Unseen before the horse, arquebus, guns — all spoke of the terrible danger. It is unlikely that the aliens have taken seriously for the gods, just the Aztecs faced with a completely unfamiliar civilization that preceded them for centuries. But local superkult death did not contribute to a realistic assessment of the situation. Distorted picture of the world, for the very existence of life are dependent upon continued sacrifice. Therefore, the first reaction to the danger was not unity, and new attempts to placate the god of war. Conquerors as skillfully played on the feud between the tribes, because there were too few to many thousands to storm the huge capital.
The Aztecs fought back fiercely. Their army had its bombers kuachike warriors who gave an oath to never give up, fight only two. Creepy painting the body in red and black, they cover the withdrawal of their troops, was killed, but not giving up.
War Aztecs still lost, although only large Teocalli Spaniards had taken by storm three times! The most severe fighting took place in the three dams to the capital, located on the lake island. In 1520, the so-called Night of Sorrows, Conquistadors with huge losses retreated to one of the dams, but the following year, having received reinforcements from Spain, they again stormed Tenochtitlan, supported them with water cannon fire 13 brigantines.

City methodically destroyed, and yet the last battle lasted for three months. Prisoners conquistadors with ripped stomachs dropped on the heads of dozens of their compatriots. The assault on the number of Tenochtitlan was the largest battle fought XVI century.
And what with the signs? On the one hand, to the Aztecs to reach information about the conquest of European islands in the Caribbean Sea, and at the same time we can not ignore the evidence of ancient chronicles of the precursors of the catastrophe for the Aztec empire. For example, the fact that during 1511 repeatedly saw the sky mirage — unusually dressed and armed men who killed the Indians. Finally, the priest-ruler of the Aztecs of Texcoco union directly predicted the death of the kingdom of Montezuma, but he did not live to see his prediction of events. So here is something to think about …

Source: "Interesting newspaper. Riddles civilization" № 22

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