Sincere traitors

Under the criteria of primary concern for suffering soul of Russia is to maintain the integrity of the country and the protection of its sovereignty

When you see someone from the camp of the liberals, acting openly anti-Russian stance, is not surprised. Representatives of the public similar to this time, no, well, remember the idea of a "compact-managed state." They're all clear. Hit the other cases, when the integrity of the Russian Federation are questioning the people, the Liberals did not consider themselves — in fact, consider themselves patriots.

Someone carefully assures the population of Russia — the Caucasus to leave. And, of course, to assure themselves Caucasians same.

I was on the days of a serious conversation with an acquaintance — a very right-wing, European awareness of the word, character. A sort of "Russian Breivik". Reservation tale — a case to put it mildly, is not unique. Such a position is held, as it turned out later research tool sentiment in the Russian blogosphere, a lot of today's very right.

So here, we are in our conversation was about the fact that corruption erodes the country that the government is rotten, and the police are often aggressive society. But who would argue. But, in my opinion, at the moment there was paradoxical situation: any effective anti-system acts on the hand only the Yankees. And if someone or something to bring down the current, of course, the sinful system, it will lead to the disintegration of the Russian Federation and the coming to us under the guise of NATO. This is the end. Specifically, this can not be allowed — at any cost. Creator of these lines have always thought that for at least some ordinary person it is axiomatic …

The individual opponent, expressive sparkling neatly shaved bald patches and scars acquired in street clashes, believed that, in the 1-x, small Our homeland — it's not so bad. What national republics only suck money out of the budget. In-2, my companion made arrangements to that scare us especially the arrival of NATO, that we do not buzili. And in general, makes the assumption he can, under NATO and Russian will be better than usual.
That's such a magnificent, absolutely sincere man, who declared his patriotism does not prevent, in fact, be neovlasovtsem. Grants are not "nagging" — in fact, I'm sure at 100%.

Other similar case — the well-known German Sterligov. Is also very sincere, just a great person. Although not without kinks, but it's even good. One cancels all its advantages — it does not get tired to move around the idea of "a little happy country." Yes, exactly so. According Sterligov, large Our homeland — it is bad, you need to part with the state republics — and everything will be fine. Well, in general, a lot of whom leave.

His words are worth what they would quote: "It is urgent to provide independence of Tatarstan, Bashkiria, and the Caucasus. […] Only to part — it is the only peaceful way out of the trap of ethnic and sectarian. " And, "to get a small country in the approximate boundaries of the Capital of Russia XVI century — country with one language and one faith. A round will live our good neighbors: Lofty Chechnya, Tatarstan Lofty and other countries, too, with one language and one faith. " It's still a pain to remember? Stately Middle East, the majestic Cherkessia — stages of the South American plan.
And finally, the third strongest memory end of the summer and autumn of this year: Alexei Navalny, the action "Enough to feed the Caucasus." This person is hard to name a sincere, but it enjoys a certain influence.

Realizing that his anti-corruption frenzy over already disgusted, but not burning it in light of the fact that the EP can be prepared for the "plum", a citizen Pravdorub grabbed another "hot" topic. Then the U.S. State Department's ears stick out so that at least aiming. Although it is not directly voiced the main content of his message — rejection of the North Caucasus from Russia. Navalny himself as utter. But read his adherents, all becomes clear. This theme — the South American to the core, they are promoting it, they produce this script — all at an accelerated pace and likely methods — from the bustle of the blogs before the terrorist attacks in Dagestan.
Activity in this area has increased since the spring — then, in the same LJ, in the tops every day began to appear a whole article on the topic of "why we need to part with the Caucasus." Someone very well, can not wait, what would it came out as quickly as possible. Someone carefully assures public RF — From the Caucasus to leave. And, of course, to assure themselves Caucasians same.

Completely correct to build axis "friend or foe", assuming someone is working or playing for the sovereignty of the Russian Federation and its territorial integrity, or else his actions and / or words testify working.

I repeat — Bulk is not sincere and is in the United States. The samples were put nowhere. But it happened that the reputation he has turned out for himself, knows how to be persuasive, and people believe him. Unfortunately, this is — believe it just sincere, passionate people, those who love Russia all heart, but is subject to another's influence and his momentary sensual impulses. The campaign for the separation of the Caucasus, let office and not made public as the ultimate goal, even if it is — only a vector — is even more dangerous than pulling bureaucratic dirty laundry.
We will not lie to yourself — all three of them, and they are given as examples — traitors. As others like them. As the creators of "Arab scenario", which are going to give the Nobel Peace Prize for what they plunged into the chaos of their not so long ago relatively prosperous country. You "divorced" or you yourself skillfully "divorce" of the other — does not matter. This is a betrayal of the fact. Betrayal of the interests of their own people, their own country. Traitors deserve only contempt. Or let repent or society spit in their faces, curse them and their families.

When will the collapse of — that in itself will be a historic catastrophe stately country's outrage over his many years of history. This collapse will not be bored intelligent divorce each other spouse, as some are trying to present. The Soviet Union broke up terribly — in the case of the collapse of the Russian Federation will be blood — more blood. Will not, Herman L., "little happy Orthodox country." Will NATO strikes designed to finish off the last resistance will be South American fighters, trampling our land, kill the guy, violence, kids and ladies. All the countries with which it happened, went through similar.

And most importantly — after which RF will be gone. Everything. Even if I have mentioned people survive after they have only to commit suicide in order not to create what they have done. Will Planetary U.S. victory. The victory over Russia. Neuzh something desired by sincere people who are prepared to sacrifice the integrity of the Russian Federation? This world they want for their children?
In the modern Russian society formed a tremendous lot of different forces. Sometimes it's hard to figure out who is on the same constructive attitude, and who lays the vector more than scary.

Is totally correct forms the ratio of the structures and the people who build the axis of "friend or foe" on the basis of what is working or pla
ying this one for the sovereignty of the Russian Federation and its territorial integrity, or else his actions and / or words testify working.
Everybody in Russia, from the president to the ordinary citizen should be clearly prochuyat and understand: even though the economy and solving internal political conflicts — in principle, be controlled to the core. And most important — is the preservation of our country. Of, without which it will not be us, without which we will turn into single atoms without a country whose history the new masters of the world will soon quickly erase from memory posthumanity.

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