Slavery in Russia

About 20 people held in slavery, freed policemen Novousmansky district of Voronezh region, REGNUM correspondent April 6 Press Service of the Ministry of the Interior in the region.

Slavery in RussiaIdentify slave managed after one of his "slaves", 37-year-old resident of the district, who was in search of a missing person, hit with injuries in the district hospital. Police have established that the victim forcibly kept in a farm located in Novousmansky area. 33-year-old resident of the same area — the owner of the farm was repeatedly beaten worked for him at the farm men, banned from leaving the area, forcing them to look after the cattle.

According to the victim, on the farm he was two months ago on his way home from Pavlovsky District, decided to get to "ride to" stop "Gazelle", in which there were two men. On the way, he fell asleep and when he awoke, it was already far from home. Travel beat his victim and power delivered to the farm. There, a man took a cell phone and forced to write a receipt for voluntary work. In the barracks, where the injured were taken, there were still about 20 people. They said that keeping them there by force, and there is practically no way to escape. For three weeks, a man caring for animals. After a while the man still decided to escape, but was caught and beaten, broken nose and ribs, and then put into the fire, as a result of the victim was also burned. From abuse, he lost consciousness. Fearing death, the guards took him outside and threw a farm near Novousmansky hospital. In the intensive care unit of the victim was a few days.

The police, having received this information, had all the necessary measures to establish the owner of the farm, persons carrying out security functions, the number of workers and their place of work. As a result of on the farm and its surroundings search detained the owner of the farm, the guards, 19 workers, 16 of them — a person previously convicted, natives from Magadan to the Krasnodar Territory.
As the correspondent of IA REGNUM senior assistant head of the Investigative Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Voronezh region Sergey Glazyev, for the farmer and his assistant, a criminal case under clauses "A, c, g" Part 2 st.127 Criminal Code (false imprisonment).

In the Research Affairs of the Russian Federation noted that selhozferma not the first time come to the attention of police. Inquiry into illegal detention have already been held on the territory of the farm and the farm brother suspect. These materials were sent to the inter-district investigative unit, is true, then for them, it was decided not to institute criminal proceedings.

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