Slavic books DEATH

UNDERSTANDING Slavs phenomenon of death

Slavic books DEATH

Speaking of our ancestors, it is wise to pay attention to their names, they have much to tell us about the nature and characteristics of mentality. Who else but the Slavs have names Faith, Hope, Love or Osmomysl (thinking for osmeryh or provided on each case eight thoughts), Vsemysla, and others, showing that the Slavs profound arguments on all phases of human life, of all the twists and soul heart, as well as death.

All the ancient Slavic tribes had their runes, and their education is evidenced by many confirmation annals of other nations. The enormous amount of favors that the Slavs had the letter not only before all the western nations of Europe, but especially in Romans and even the Greeks, and that the outcome of education was from Rousseau to the west, and not from them. Our predecessors, tried to best fit their lives into harmony of space, the particles of which they themselves know it.

Recent research scientists suggest that the ancient Slavs closely monitor the movement of stars and planets, and used their observations not only for orientation at night in the woods. Our ancestors were familiar with the zodiacal system, notice the effect of distant constellations in the inclination of people and thus their fate — and tried to live according to the rhythms of the universe, in keeping with his beginnings. In the opinion of the ancients, one to keep on your path in life is not the way you can move a mountain road, gradually approaching the top. It looked in the view of our ancestors in another way, people disappear on one level and has reappeared on the other, in a new capacity. Therefore, a natural biological death was not considered by our ancestors as the ultimate destruction, extinction of man.

Death, like all the previous events, was only a transition to a new quality, when the body was destroyed, but the immortal soul with the spirit remained intact. In addition, they could come back, went into the newborn infant. That is why the children at all times tried to give the names of famous and respected ancestors.

The ancient Slavs believed that birth, like death, is violating invisible boundary between the worlds of the dead and the living (genitals mothers mezhdumirya personified gates), and therefore to avoid the various dangers during the transition to the other world, they began to be trained at the time of death is life. Now we do not like to think or talk about death and everyday life generally avoid the topic. Current attitude of people to the mystery of death — ambivalent: on the one hand, I would not know and do not think about it, on the other hand, we try, on the contrary, peer and penetrate the mystery, to deprive it of alienation or hostility. But our ancestors sought to "learn" the phenomenon of death, to make it something understandable and accessible to use. And it is their desire to show in a huge variety of stories, myths, rituals (funerals, orgies, mystery, sacrifice, etc.).

Thus death was included in the action of playing, so it was one of the goals of the knowledge of the life of people and the world is not so alien. Therefore, for all the Slavs to the world of mystery Navi through various rituals and ceremonies were "time of death" and "resurrection". This is really happening, and all! For example, for boys closer to the world of Navi performed during the closing ceremony of the ritual of initiation into warriors. At the beginning of the sorcerer sent young minds in the world, Navi, making them a special rite of entry into the Otherworld. Subjects were placed on the ground on his back and they have never had to talk to except the Magi conducting the ritual. After talking with the dead heroes of the initiates their ancestors consciousness returned back to the world of waking.

For girls, a rite of passage when they are initiated into the priestess and they fell under the protection of the Goddess Vesta. And again they touched the world when Navneet become brides. The girl died for his family, and was revived in the way of her husband. Character dying in the ceremony served as wedding veil, because the dead people are invisible to the living, and that's the bride could not see anyone. Violation of wedding ban led to misery and even premature death someone, because in this case violated the border, and the dead world of "broke" our, threatening to unpredictable consequences. After all, a man nothing ever happens for a reason. All that happens is a sign of the gods.

If someone suddenly hurt — it means that evil spirits or Death itself ready to seize them. Therefore, the traditional Russian funeral contain a variety of rituals designed to pay last respects to the deceased and to promise resurrection to new life. At the birth of the child shall be attached to all the elements, leaving the world, people said goodbye to them. Sensing the approach of death, the old man asked my sons to bring him into the box and bowed to all four sides, "Mother Earth is wet, forgive and accept! And you, a free light-Father, forgive, if offended … "then lay down on a bench in the corner of the holy, and the sons of him dismantled roof earthen huts, to make it easier departed soul, not to torment the body.

"All of the Slavs to the very cold sea in the north to know for sure that the care of the human body is made to the device of the soul. During the life of the soul and the body — one. As the waters cover the earth, as in the flint hidden fire, removable hard hit iron, the soul lives in the body. But after the destruction of the body to maintain the secrecy of the remains of communication with the soul. Burn the corpse on the funeral pyre — and easily purified by fire soul ascends to the firmament. There, the mother and father of children waiting there one finds a friend, there is an end to separation and — the accomplishment of each dream. Leave the body for production of birds, animals, worms — and the soul will wander restlessly near the place where a man died. For the deprivation of the rite she will try to avenge the death of the perpetrators is not a body, but to all people without distinction.

The soul of man, whose body is thrown into the water, follow him, and woe to those who, having found a body was not vozlozhet it on fire or bury in the ground. Buried body relieves people from the vengeance of the soul, but in a different way from the flames. In the land of the soul is oppressed, not break it either live under the light of day, or under the twinkling stars of lullabies. As an infant swaddled like an animal in a net, or a slave, forever chained to the grindstone, so helpless, immobile soul of one whose body is buried in the ground. By the time an underground cold and darkness eating away the soul, yearning and hunger for daylight drains hope, and it dissolved, extinguished like coal in the ashes, forgets himself, like zazhivshemusya elder, and stands forever in the earth alone. Therefore, the enemy never repay enemy burial. Therefore it is better to die in battle than to die a slave and deprived of the pyre. Rossich wary of just throwing bodies of enemies to wandering souls are not avenged, turning into bats do not suck blood Rossian babies, not to evoke dreams enemies, pointing the way to the Ros River, luring foreign Slavic wealth. "(VD Ivanov," Primary Russia ")

(Slavic goddess mourner)

As envisioned their world Slavs? The researchers write that it seemed to them like a large egg. Slavic middle of the universe, are worlds Reveal our earth. Below Worlds dark Navi (Sunshine) Above worlds Navi Light (Glory). To get there, you must cross the border Reveal environmental worlds. Explicit around the world, there are numerous heaven fame and the Government.

Slavs believed that any of the heavens can be reached on the World Tree (Golden Ray is the ascent of the soul of the tree trunk), which connects the Lower World (Sunshine), Earth and Heaven. No demons (not demons) in the Slavic sense considered the highest worlds where death fell heroes ancestors. This is a wonderful place called "iriem" or "viriem." Some scientists suggest that it is the present of the word "paradise", related to our concept of Christianity.
Ancient Slavs and thought over what lies beyond Vyriya, in an infinite universe. They thought about other worlds, which were to be there. The ancient Slavs believed the earth and sky two living beings, in fact — a married couple whose love and created all life on earth. Sky God, the Father of all things, called Svarog. In "The Song of Igor's Campaign" Russian people called "Dazhdbog grandchildren" — Dazhdbog is the son of Slavic god of thunder, thunder and lightning — Perun. He was the chief god in the pantheon of Kievan Rus, and probably the eldest son of Svarog. Lightning at Perun were of two kinds: purple-blue, "dead", smashing to death, and gold, "live", create, arouse of fertility and new life. Morin goddess associated with death and cold.

Traditional elements of Slavic funeral ritual are three memorial days — tretiny, Deviatiny, sorochiny. The meaning of the first day of mourning is clear: it — farewell to life. A second and third determine where the soul of the deceased will get death. Whether in bright worlds Navi, from the seeds of life on earth fly Reveal Worlds. Whether to clean the furnace, where they live and where spirits of fire to appear on earth. To avoid falling into hell, Slavs purified himself during his lifetime zamolvleniyami and the victim, and the death rites of remembrance. Thus, in the views of the ancient Slavs clearly shows the dependence of the human soul after death the way the correctness of a life lived. And allows for the correction and the remission of sins and for life in the world of waking, and after it in hell.

The views of the ancient Slavs on being the human soul after death, show that the soul after the death of a person should be a few basic ways.
1) First of all — it can go up to the higher divine worlds
2) In the second — with improper behavior and traditions of human faults,
descend to the lower realms.
Choosing the path, thus belongs to the man in life. Therefore, the implementation of the share has fallen ambiguous and lengthy process. For a time, the soul holds the edge in the World Reveal, twisted invisibly among the people, mingling with natural and natural phenomena. From this state, perhaps it may make some lessons and this ultimately shape the drop down her path.

3) In the third — the soul after death is in the form of a ghost in the edge of the World Reveal indefinitely. It depends on many factors, if the soul is immortal spirit then that her condition may continue indefinitely, if not the soul will exist as long as it remembers the land, and after it is dissolved in the information field. The third state — is a collective image of the relationship of souls, and the souls of the affairs of the living. This reflected the interconnectedness of different worlds of the Universe in the idea of a temporary holding shelter shower.

4) Fourth — soul on nonfeasance and undigested lesson expects an another embodiment in explicit worlds, according to the beliefs of the Slavs in the transmigration of souls, and it is possible that in the prior third intermediate state or after treatment in hell.

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