Slavic pantheon of gods

Already in ancient times, thousands of years ago, the Slavs had a very harmonious and coherent system outlook, revealing and explaining the principles of the world order. The world of the living, being in constant movement of self-development and self-improvement. And humanity, as the main part of it, too, is not something finished, frozen, and will seek to update, ie to the evolution of consciousness and being.
The basis of this system of ancient Slavs lay notion of the existence of the three spheres — worlds in which is all heavenly and earthly life of every person. This Worlds — Rights, Navi and reality. World of Light, Goodness, Truth, Divine Love and Beauty — a world of rules. It Blonde Gods live there and manages Svarog — the eldest son of Rod Heaven, the Creator of all things.

World Navi — the presence of a sphere of consciousness of the Creator, to stay on Earth after leaving the human soul, where they are found between the previous and subsequent incarnations. And finally, our earthly manifestation of the world — the world of forms or World Reveal. This is a clear world where everyone is born of Genesis School, studies in specific situations to distinguish good from bad, light and darkness, good and evil.

Giving the light of his love through creative creative work all kinds of people and society. According to the views of the ancient Slavs Nature — is the Temple, and all that surrounds them: plants, animals, and the elements of fire, air, earth and water, Mother herself — cheese Earth, planets and stars — are under constant divine supervision, management and control.

And people's lives are woven on the spindle of the Heavenly Goddess Mokos according to the divine purpose of each and its direct mode of existence in the World Reveal. Light images of Slavic Gods century and millennium instructed Slavs wise laws of the world are right, the world of high moral concepts, protecting them for a bumpy road of life on earth.

Rod Heaven

"Source of Life, Being living creatures in the universe" — so amazingly poetic and graphically tells about it in the "Book of Carols." "Before the birth of the White Light pitch darkness was shrouded world. Was in darkness only Rod — ancestor ours. Rod — Spring universe, the father of the gods. Rod was first signed in the egg, it was the seed of neproroschennym, he was a kidney unopened, but the end came imprisonment. Rhode begat Love — Lada-Mother. Rod has destroyed the power of the prison of love, and then the world is filled with love. And he brought the kingdom of heaven, and under it created in high places. Ocean separated from the heavenly blue sea water solid stone. Divided light and darkness, truth from falsehood. "In the picture, he sits on the heavenly throne. With one hand, he looks through the Book of Life of Being, and the other — to bless Genesis gives life energy.


Goddess — Midgard Patroness of the Earth, in ancient times, our ancestors called the planet, the cradle of the mother of all mankind. They constantly thanked her for the generous gifts, composed and sung in honor of her songs. And she paid for her loving attitude to the people of his mother's care. Often Earth — Mother called in the ancient chronicles "Mother Earth Cheese." All life everlasting Mother Earth Cheese grow — bread nourishes the good folk, rebuked "the winds of the midnight clouds," keeps "Frost and snow storms," absorbs the force evil. It always remains the same for his mother living on her people, who by his grandchildren — grandchildren taught love and respect to my native land. As the grass — grass and not grow without a handful of earth, and the Russian people do not live in this world without land — nurse. As without a plowman — the owner and good land — a bitter orphan, and he without a land, without a soul in his body BOGATYRSKY!


The eldest son of Rhoda. God Ruling the World of rules. Finish the Rod of Creation. Patron god Vyriya (Slavic Garden of Eden), the heavenly Asgard (City of Gods). In the picture he presents extracts the creation of the fire — again the sun was created. Svarog — god of fire. He is one of the main gods in the Slavic pantheon. «Svarga» in Sanskrit — the sky, the firmament, «var» — fire, heat. From here go and all Slavic derivatives cook bungled, top, etc. Svarog was considered the God of Heaven, Mother of Life ("Swa" in Indo — mother ancestor). In more than a late Svarog changed his gender. By analogy with the Greek Zeus, he became the parent of many gods — sons Svarozhich with fiery nature: Perun, Dazhdbog-Radegast, Fire-Rarog-Semargl.


Divine companion Svarog. First, who gave birth to Rod Heaven. In the human sense — it's light, good that unites people together on the principles of teamwork, mutual support, cooperation, brotherhood. It gives way and the harmony between man and woman. Leads all through creativity and co-creation according to the laws and principles of the divine world of rules. In the picture it presents to all the flowers of love, wisdom and understanding of the world of being — her attire. Lada — Goddess of Love and Beauty. Name Lada ancient Slavs called not only the original goddess of love, but the whole way of life — way, where everything had to be right, ie okay. All people should be able to get along with each other. Beloved wife called Ludo, and he did Okay. "Lada" — people say, when they decided some important business, and in ancient times was called ladnikom agreement of dowry: frets — engagement, ladilo — Matchmaker, ladkanya — wedding song. Even pancakes that were baked in the spring in honor of reviving life, from the same root.
Then they sang: "Bless, Mother, oh mother Lada, mother! Zaklikati spring … "


Middle son, Rod. Gave energy of motion of the universe, its kolovraschenie that shown in svastichnyh characters. Swastika — is an involution, the seal of the Holy Spirit to manifest form, as embodied in the World Reveal, and evolution, upon completion of each of his stay in the lower, denser and limited spheres of life and increase in its perfection, decompression and care through the transformation and ascension to the finer and harmonious realms of Light. In the human community gives gifts Earth, as well as spiritual gifts to those who deserve it. He — the keeper of the gates leading into the Garden of Eden — Vyry. In the human being and the world is manifested primarily through hard work, constant work on yourself, sharpening edges of his moral state and, as co-creator with God on Earth through creative creative work for the common good. A person should not be a pest, waste burning through earthly life and just enjoying the labor of others. How to society,
as in heaven and will be meted out. The painting like Velez dissolved in Nature, in fact, it is driven by them.


He is the fourth son of Rhoda. Svarog brother and brought him Svarozhich nephews. Svyatogor was born as to safeguard the world Reveal here and not let the dark monsters of Navi. Entrance there was at the foot of the pillar on which rested the sky. The very same pillar (or the World Tree) is in the holy mountains, hence the name of the giant. Not an easy thing — to stand at the boundary of light and darkness. On his mighty shoulders keeps firmament. He is a mighty Pillar Mountain of Light, on top of which shines in heaven Vyry, and below is the realm of the Celestial Empire. In ancient Slavic tales Svyatogor presented mighty, terrible unbeaten Knight.


Personification of the light side of life in the beliefs of the ancient Slavs. In Slav Epic of it says: "In his right hand he holds a piece of hot metal, which gives the subject. And if a person is bright, it is safe and sound. If not, then it is burned in the fire. " Belbogs (Belobog, Belun) — the embodiment of light, God of good luck, happiness, the good, the personification of the day and the spring sky. Sanctuary was on the hill, open to the sun. Numerous gold and silver jewelry Bjelobog reflected rays and the game even at night lit up the church, where there was not a single shade, not a dark corner.


Most High God. Is included in the Triglav World Navi Velez, Dazhdbog, Svyatovit. Gives the world, the people of spiritual light. It is the Holy Spirit that inspires and gives life manifested worlds of the universe. Russian folklore researcher Alexander Afanasyev in the book "Tree of Life", wrote: "… the basis of the same name (Holy Light) indicates in Svyatovit deity Svarog identity: it is only nicknames of the same superior being." Indeed, the name of the Slavic god of the name itself is holy, all that is holy, holy righteous (ie, people who follow the path of the rule), and the divine light spilling. In addition, any holiday in many Slavic languages is called — is sacred.


Perun's son, grandson of Svarog. God — the keeper of the Great Wisdom. Named Dazhbog (giving God) for having given people svyatarasy nine Santee (books), containing the sacred Vedas. In the "Book of Veles" reported that all Slavs — his grandchildren. So that in each of us there is a piece of his soul, his mind. Dazhdbog played a great role as educator of our ancestors — the ancient Slavs. Today, the depth of the Divine Wisdom, encased in Santee Tarh Dazhdbog — directs light through. And for thousands of prescription nothing lost its original meaning.

Kryshen and Rada

The younger son of Rod Heaven with your Divine companion. He — the Supreme Personality of Godhead. Man is created in the image and likeness of God, and the identity of each (the mental body, the cause and karmic, emotional, sensory and physical body), depending on the revealed purity and holiness is like a piece of His universe personalities. Creator loves his children, he he, for his great mercy, has given everything for a prosperous, happy and joyful life in the World Reveal. Splendor and abundance of nature, perfect body! A person needs to do is open our hearts to the divine flow of Light of Life, Love and Beauty — learn to live in harmony with the other kids going near the Lord, to seek to truly enjoy this living temple and remember heartily thank and praise the Creator for the generous gifts of heaven and earth .


Sister Svarog. Heavenly Mother, Fair Goddess happy lot and Destiny. Along with her daughters share and Nedolya determines the fate of the celestial gods, and the fate of people, weaving for each of these strands of Fate on the spindle. Besides, who worthily administers his earthly life, seeking to comply with these laws and commandments over, Mokos sends his daughter Goddess share goddess fortune. Mistress of the same fate of those who administers dishonest in favor of one's egotism becomes Nedolya. In the picture she pours milk and gives an abundance of life.


Son of Svarog and Lada. God of the armies of the Light Forces, the main task of which, above all, is to help the person in the purification of the present therein demonic qualities. Each person focused all the energy of the universe. There are forces of creation and destruction of the forces, a light top and a dark side. According to the Law of Free Will, each good deed creates or thought, feeling, word and action, or — an unwholesome. Heavenly host helps to understand the situations in honor, conscience, honesty and other qualities yasnoponimaniya, approve of light and goodness, love and harmony in the universe. They squeezed dark army forces, which supports the individual selfishness tends to make a person to violate the law of love and harmony and bring it to nispadeniyu. Host of Heaven Perunova helps man beat a clueless character qualities. Inscriptions on the shields of warriors: purity, charity, love, courage, self-sacrifice, courage, honesty, sincerity, etc. In ancient times, people Perunpovedal sacred Vedas or the laws of a righteous life. They are recorded in the book of wisdom runes Perun.

Jiva (Alive)

Patron goddess of life and human souls. Divine consort Tarh Dazhdbog. In the picture she is shown blooming in the spring, when the world is filled with triumph and joy of living. And the human soul is committed to love, happiness and beauty of this world. Alive, alive, Seva — the personification of fertile power, youth, beauty, and the whole nature of man, that is, spring. Alive sway when turning green, blooming fields and forests, orchards and gardens, where people, recovering from the dull winter sleep, as if for the first time see the beauty of nature in spring, the beauty of the blossoming of youth, first learn the beauty of love and tenderness. In the spring you can see live or oleoresin — her young maids: as beautiful maidens, they soar above the earth, gave her such tender glance that she was still in bloom and Forest green.


Goddess of Winter dormancy. In folk tales, talk about it, as the Snow Queen. Each of us in his own way loves this time of year, despite the biting cold and the cold winter for its charm, white snow, with the inner silence, tranquility and peace. It all — a beautiful manifestation of the Goddess Mary. Moran (Mara, Morena) — a powerful and terrible deity, the Goddess of Winter and Death, his wife and daughter Koschei Okay, sister alive and Lely. Moran of the Slavs in ancient times was considered the embodiment of the impure forces. She had no family, and wandered in the snow, occasionally visiting his people to do their dirty work. Name Moran (Morena) really cognate words such as "sea", "wraith", "dark", "haze", "fool", "death." Legends tell how Morena with evil henchmen, every morning, trying to watch for, and to destroy the sun, but every once in horror gives way to his radiant power and beauty. Her characters — Black Moon, piles of broken skulls and sickle, which she cuts the thread of life. Possession Moraines,
According to an ancient tale, lie behind the black currant River separating Worlds Reveal and Navi, through which spanned Kalinov Bridge, guarded three-headed serpent … Contrary Givet and Yarily, Morena embodies the triumph of Mary — "dead water" (Will to Death), that is The forces opposing life-creating solar Yari. But death, given to the moraine, is not a complete interruption of Currents of Life itself, but only a transition to another life, a new beginning, for all that is necessary Rod Almighty that after the winter, taking with them all obsolete, there comes a new Spring …


Bereginya — a great Goddess, gave birth to all things. Radiant accompany her everywhere riders embody the Sun. To her most frequently accessed during the ripening grain — it shows belonging to the supreme goddess of the patrons of the human race. The painting can be seen, as soon as it appeared, it stretched all life, because it is — the embodiment of love. In the beliefs of the ancient Slavs — is a goddess, and secure bereguschie all life. Among the people we see her expression primarily through the female. That woman is a true Beregin and lies on her fragile shoulders of the household, the birth and raising children, caring for their loved ones. She — Bereginya the home, the personification of family happiness.


Goddess of the Underworld Navi. Collective Soul Slavs, it is embodied in the girl — beautiful women, all mothers and wives. It is the light of her love warms the souls of men. It preserves and protects the people's culture, its unique folklore, identity architecture and crafts, inspired musicians, poets, actors, architects and artists, all talented creative people to create their beautiful works, bearing World beauty joy of being. Sad song over the river and a lonely birch on a hill, thawed patches on spring meadow and good children's stories — subtly feminine mood envelops them. It appeals to people the soul of Russia, Navna. Her lovely garden is open to anyone who feels a kinship with the Russian land and its people.

Bird Gamayun

Bird Gamayun — messenger of Slavic gods, their spokesmen. She sings hymns and divine people provozveschaet future to those who agree to hear the secret.
Hamayun inhabits Svetly Vyrii — Garden of Eden. She knows everything about the origin of the earth and sky, gods and heroes, men and monsters, beasts and birds. According to ancient belief, the bird's cry foretells Gamayun Happiness. Here's how it tells the story of the Slavic epic "The Book of Carols":
"Razgulay nepogodushka, menacing cloud rose. Much noise incline Dubravushka, vskolyhalas in the feather-grass. That bird flew Gamayun-broadcasting from Eastern storonushki, raising a storm of wings. Flying high above the mountains, because of the dark wood was flying out from under the cloud of the nepogozhey. Blue sea, it flutter, Sarachinskoe pereletyvala field. Like Rechenka fast Currants, in Bel-flammable Stone Alatyr in Erie on apple orchard Gamayun-bird seat. As she sat down — was singing the song, spreading feathers to the damp ground. As the stones that have Alatyr, collects forty-soezzhalisya fearsome kings with a prince, as forty princes with Knyazevych, with forty mighty warriors, with forty of the Magi from all sorts. The collecting soezzhalisya, her round the rows of their seats — became a bird-singer tried:
— Prophetic bird, bird wise, you know a lot, a lot knowest … Tell me, Hamayun, sing told us why she conceived the whole wide world? How to conceive a red sun? Month light and frequent star. Why tell
the people? And as the winds blew wild? Flared as dawns clear?
— Did not deny that Veda … "

Bird of Happiness

Fire Journal of Happiness — better known as the Heat — a bird. Each of the people living on Earth, above all, wants to be really happy, but happiness itself, as the heavenly bird of happiness, not just for nothing. To do this, you need to thoroughly work, and above all over themselves to be worthy of it. Heat — a bird in Slavic mythology — fire sized bird peacock. The feathers of her light blue light, and armpits — crimson. On its tail can easily get burned. Fallen pen for a long time retains the properties of feathers Heat — birds. It shines and gives warmth. And when the pen goes off, then it turns to gold. Heat — a bird guards fern flower.

This is basic, worshiped gods Vyšna Slavs. Also still revered Gods Patrons, Gods, Rulers and Gods fuse. But that's not all heavenly gods appearing in celestial circle. Many Vesyah and many Rodach revere their ancestral gods.


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