So fantasize …

By analyzing information from different web sites, I'm more and more convinced that the entry of the Russian army on the terrain of the Union Syria entirely probable. Based on what I'm doing such a conclusion? In-1's, Our homeland has its own enthusiasm in collaboration with the ruling regime in Syria. In-2, more people became aware that Syria — all just a springboard for an attack on Iran, and Iran — base for waging war against Russia. Third, the gradual highest fence surrounding Russia with military bases and missile defense does not just happen. On the basis of the above, the conclusion afoot — a war to be.

A similar strategy towards Russia has already used more than once. It should just look through the history books and compare the actions of today's contenders for world domination and more of early "teachers." For example, the actions of America are fully comparable to the actions of Nazi Germany. Despite some differences in the proposed theater and the availability of more sophisticated weapons, targets and actions are the same. Germany invaded virtually all of Europe with a view to the acquisition of resources and profitable beachhead for an attack on the Soviet Union and America, fueling more and more wars, slowly moving to the territory of Russia. Even the creation of the Union of aggressive attempt to RF countries to impose war on the huge number of fronts, not much different from the union of Germany, the Land of the Rising Sun, Romania, Italy and Turkey. Also used strategy pitting small republics to explore and bleeding. Also being explored adjacent areas for familiarization with the theater of military operations. Information war has long been started and, unfortunately, is not in favor of. Even the announced reboot and sending troops to exchange experiences, as joint exercises — nothing else as an analogy with the signing of the notorious Molotov-Ribbentrop non-aggression pact. In short, all the works produced by America against the Asian countries are painfully reminiscent of the acts of Nazi Germany before the attack on the Soviet Union.

From all of the above, you can simply make a logical conclusion: the third global war already unleashed and the purpose of it — destruction RF.
Do not be haughty strategy to describe a sample scenario of a future war.

During the capture of Syria, it is possible to draw RF in combat actions. If the full retraction will not happen because of the danger of invasion from the European, as in the 40's was a threat of invasion from the conquered China, which forced to hold at the eastern borders of significant military force, the likely gradual capture areas of neighboring countries with access to the countryside RF. If the Russian government does not take timely steps to the creation of the Union against aggression, the possibility of a war on two or three of the front is very high. Despite the huge area RF, still it can not be compared with the territory of the former USSR. The course, conducted by the government since the late 80's to early two-thousand, deprived Russia of many Union countries that could become a buffer zone between the territory RF and possible enemy troops. The following concessions to the aggressor will lead to the ultimate loss of allies.

In my opinion, look ordinary tradesman, to whom I am, better to fight on to the adjacent, allied areas, if on its own, putting at risk hundreds of thousands of its own citizens and the destruction of their own and already weakened infrastructure.

But we can, and to dream. If we admit the fact that the Russian government still give orders to the army and the navy to send troops to Syria, despite the significant forces that focus on the European theater of possible military action, the possibility of loss of Syria in this conflict is much lower. In addition, there is a growing popularity in the middle of the RF-potential victims of these aggressions. Our country is the birthplace of the liberator, becoming the head of the players on the stage. Specifically, our homeland, in alliance with other countries produce the displacement of American and NATO with the Near East, with the following totally real victory. Specifically, our homeland, preserving its countryside, once again will end the war victorious. With all of this, avoiding another Russian war in their own land, and as a result, tremendous casualties among their people. And there is no need to post-war reconstruction of damaged economy, the painful transition to civilian production.

Still there is one scenario, not deprived of optimal grain. War can be ended in the embryo. How? Just send troops to Europe and an operation to enforce peace. Deprived of its own allies, of which America has always exposes the "cannon fodder" in the conflict unleashed by it, the government of the country does not remain anything else, how to finish a sample of anger. In the unlikely event that it risks being in the position of the country is at war on several fronts. It even developed a government how America can not afford for themselves. Recall the story of the fall of Rome.

Of course, there are other scenarios. For example, removal of the head of the aggressor by a nuclear strike. Human imagination is boundless. Rainbow and not very paintings she can draw a huge amount.

I ask you, dear readers, be taken with the knowledge to my first publication, and especially not throw slippers. But a healthy criticism is welcome.
Immediately make a reservation, all the above written — just a figment of analysis of ordinary tradesman.

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