Source: 160 generals and officers refused to move from Moscow

Until the end of 2011, more than 160 generals and senior officers of the main offices of the General Staff and the Ministry of Defence will prematurely dismissed from the Armed Forces due to the failure to move from Moscow to the new location, said on Friday, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry.

"By order of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation № 205 before December 1 of the year in the central organs of military administration conducts routine rotation generals and officers in the new location, including remote areas of the country. Over 160 generals and senior officers of the General Staff and the Ministry of Defence refused to transfer the capital to other regions, and wrote a letter of resignation from the army early, "- said the source of the" Interfax ".

# {Weapon} According to him, segodnyaschy rotation As for the officers and generals who have served more than 3 years in the occupied military posts. "In fact, the whole summer in the Defense Ministry was going Rich interview the candidates for the rotation, and if officer did not agree to departure from Moscow to other regions of the country, raised the issue of his dismissal from the army, which is then approved by the Central Certification Commission ", — he said.

He did not rule out that under the guise of rotation of the General Staff also get rid of those generals and officers who do not agree with the ongoing reforms in the army, the navy, are critical to the management of the War Department.

"In accordance with the decree of the Minister, are not subject to rotation of those generals and officers in public this year completed the contract, as those who merit to the age limit for military service only three years or less," — said the source.

Formerly Chief of Staff Gen. Nikolai Makarov said that rotation officers in the army and navy will occur frequently.

"Constant rotation in the army and navy was, is and will be. Every three to five years, we will replace officers. No sit in one place will not "- said Makarov, speaking in February before the meeting of the officers of the army and navy veterans in Moscow.

He noted that before the reform of the armed forces in a number of military districts officers served from lieutenant to Gen.-major.

"In particular, the Metropolitan surrounded by military lieutenants to dosluzhivali Gen.-majors, when they were offered Siberian military district, 80% of the officers of the 1st of the offices of staff put the report on the table, "- said Makarov.

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