South American supersonic test tools to be successful

U.S. Army tests were carried out new instruments, which represent the aircraft, which develops speed, exceeding the speed of sound 5 times.

Apparatus, received the title of «Advanced Hypersonic Weapon» (The high-tech HYPERSOUND instrument), overcame least 3.7 thousand kilometers an hour. He successfully proparhal on the Hawaiian island of Kauai to Kwajalein Atoll, located in the archipelago of the Marshall Islands, a bit north of Australia (Oceania Region). Associated Press writes that the development of this type of weapon will allow the United States to hit any target in the world for kutsee time. In summer 2011, the Pentagon was also conducted test similar apparatus — Falcon HTV-2, but they were bad — after a set of design speed apparatus disappeared from radar screens.

High-tech instrument HYPERSOUND can carry a warhead for themselves, in other words, be used as a delivery vehicle or used by itself as a tool thanks to the large amount of kinetic energy, which appears due to the highest speed. The Pentagon proposes to use this type of weapon to eliminate terrorists.

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