Spain provided U.S. base in Rota to deploy parts of the U.S. missile defense system

Spain officially granted the U.S. naval base at Rota / Cadiz, in the south of the country / to deploy parts of the U.S. missile defense system. The respective agreement was signed by the Ministers of Defence is now 2-mill Morenesom and Pedro Leon Panetta during a meeting NATO in Brussels.

"I am grateful to Spain for this decision — Panetta singled out. — It secures not only the missile defense in Europe, and the business between countries NATO, aimed at ensuring the safety of the world. "

The agreement gives the right to place on the ground Iberian kingdom since 2013 four destroyers, missile system filled with "Aegis", and in 1400 the U.S. military. These forces will form part of the shield, aimed against the threat of missile attack from Iran or North Korea. In addition South American ships in the same group as NATO will participate in various exercises and maneuvers, and, if necessary, be used as part of a frisky response.

Providing the U.S. military base in Rota Spain also bring greater economic benefits. The initial investment in the infrastructure of the base amount to 6.5 million euros. In addition accommodation military and their families, providing them various services, according to preliminary estimates, will cost Washington to € 60 million a year.

Spain decided to join the U.S. missile defense system in October 2011, when the authority was the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party, led to Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero. But to provide the U.S. military base Madrid and Washington was required to make some changes in the bilateral agreement on defense in 1988, on the development of amendments and approval by the Government of Mariano Rajoy and left whole year.

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