Spain to get rid of 3 types of military aircraft

Spanish Air Force wants to start in 2013 write-off 3 types of aircraft and defer the update of the fleet. On this, as reported by Jane's, said the Chief of the Air Staff of Spain General Francisco Javier Garcia Arnaiz (Francisko Javier Garcia Arnaiz). According to him, the write-off of equipment will be made due to lack of funds the defense budget.

According to the plans of the Spanish Air Force Command, out of service will be withdrawn fighters Mirage F1 (in the Air Force — C.14A / B), and coastal patrol aircraft C212 Aviocar (D.3A / B) and Fokker F27 (D.2). At the current time in service Spain there are eight fighters and 10 Mirage F1CE F1EE, purchased in 1974-1982, respectively, and 5 aircraft C212-100/200, entered service in 1982 and three F27, acquired in 1979.

According Arnaiza, write-off All Mirage F1 happen as Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft in the Air Force achieved full battle readiness. Spain is to get 73 of these aircraft. According to Flightglobal MiliCAS, the true time of the Spanish Air Force received 31 such plane. Patrol aircraft will be one hundred percent written off, as they will go into service substitution.

Meanwhile, apart from the beginning of write-offs of combat aircraft, Spain wants to review a number of programs procurement of military equipment. Namely, the military decided to stop the program from the purchase of new military transport aircraft, which should change the outdated Boeing 707 (T.17). In addition, the Air Force Spain decided to extend the life of Transport C-130H Hercules (T.10). Earlier they planned to write off in 2016.

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