Spanish single gun CETMO Amelie

Madrid CETMO company in 1974 began to develop a light 5.56-mm machine gun one. Managing development was X. Jimenez-Alfaro. The project was an English abbreviation SPAM («Assault gun Special Purpose Entities ") — first, a tool intended for special operations forces. The calculation is easy to fire a bipod, with an emphasis on the shoulder butt standing, "from the hip" (with strap) or the tripod with a light machine. The effective range of fire for all this is not critical, since it was assumed that the gun will be used in close combat, which justifies the choice as ammunition cartridge 5,56 x45. Gun made in 1982. He was accepted into service in 1992 under the designation of "Amelie" (CETMO AMELI).

It is worth noting that the "Amelie" is to discover the impact of the German system — its design resembles the MG3, and the thought of one light machine gun echoes NK23E "Heckler und Koch." In automation implemented the principle of blowback recoil with the introduction of the rollers, which slow down the unlocking of the barrel. This system was borrowed from the German MG45 and experienced models MR45 end of the second World War, and it is used in virtually all small swatches tools developed CETMO. Unity with 5.56-mm rifle Model L is expressed in the majority of the interchangeability of parts.

To supply the "Amelie" is a loose one ring sealed cartridge belt of 100/200 cartridges stacked in a plastic box, which was attached to the left side of the receiver. Strap feed was carried out linkage. In the top of the receiver has a charging indicator — in the case of tapes of his hat stands up, allowing visually or by touch to determine the presence of the tape. To alleviate the very weapon that did not burden the trunk, on the contrary, it is very easier, it also accelerated the substitution. Rate of firing AC — 800 or 1200 rounds per minute. Diopter rear sight met on the handle, which is used to carry, install the sight of 300, 600, 800, 1000 meters. Carried a folding front sight. The kit includes a machine gun: indicator of the presence of cartridges, spare barrel, optical sight, having lighting grid, night vision device. On the trunk of a flame arrestor.

Appropriate forms of the barrel jacket and butt ("fishtail") were taken from the German MG3, although the machine-gun "Amelie" data elements more easily. Cocking handle is also performed on the German standard. Bipod facilitated perforation. Single CETMO gun "Amelie" can be mounted on the tripod easy machine — used for attaching a hook, made from below the casing.

On the pistol grip with the right hand is made non-automatic safety: the frontal position corresponds to "fuse", back — the "fire." For charging a machine gun and cocking his fuse must be switched off, shutter held sear cocked. Sear, the trigger is, rotates on an axis, releasing the shutter, which is moving forward by the back-and-mainspring, picking up on the way round, dosylaya it into the chamber. Ejector acting as a guide, is captured by the sleeve bore. The frame shutter its ramps pushes the rollers in hand through the window in the gate, and they come in recesses formed in the receiver. According to drummer thrashes shank shutter is shot. The skeleton of the gate during the rollback of other parts moving faster, releasing videos. The shutter is released. While driving back, it extracts the sleeve shrinks back and mainspring, if the trigger is released, it is cocked. Fire Mode — continuous.

Machine gun "Amelie" not counting the special forces of Spain was adopted in Mexico, in addition, received orders from other countries. Developed a lighter version of the machine gun. Some experts at equate "Amelie" among the "best 5.56-mm machine guns, available today" — first through a combination of weight machine gun and a practical rate. Apart from this, the proposed option for the machine gun on the pivot installation without the butt — to equip armored vehicles and tanks.

The order of unloading a machine gun "Amelie":
1. Move the fuse cover latch located at the front end of the butt forward and open the lid.
2. Remove from the feeder machine-gun tape and remove the cartridge box.
3. Pull back the cocking handle, look around the guide slot and the chamber.
4. Close the cover of the receiver and push the trigger.

Properties of a gun "Amelie":
Cartridge — 5,56 x45;
Weight of machine gun — 6.35 kg;
Weight lightweight models — 5.20 kg;
Length of gun — 970 mm;
Barrel length — 400 mm;
Rifling — 6 of right;
The stroke length of rifling — 178 mm (cartridge NATO), 305 mm (chuck M193);
The initial velocity — 875 m / s;
Muzzle energy — 1660 J;
Rate of fire — 850/1200 rounds per minute;
Effective range — 1650 m;
Tape capacity — 100 or 200 rounds of ammunition;
Mass equipped with ammunition box — 1.55 kg (100 rounds), 3.0 kg (200 rounds).

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