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In order to recognize the runic inscriptions, in the eleventh century did not have to be literate. At the same time, those who could read, could learn from the rune stone is much more information than it was written. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers at Uppsala University in Sweden.

Rune stones are an important part of the cultural heritage in Sweden and many of them are still standing in place and bear the marks of people who lived a thousand years ago. They represent a unique source of knowledge about the Viking Age, and among other things allows us to learn about the family relationships of the time, travel, beliefs, and much more, and in a language that literate people understand quite easily.

"The language and factual information of runic inscriptions fairly well researched, but we still know relatively little about how people read Viking rune stones" — says Marco Bianchi (Marco Bianchi) from the Department of Scandinavian Languages, whose dissertation is devoted to the writing of the Viking Age provinces of Uppland and Södermanland.

There are runic inscriptions, which do not have any linguistic load. In Uppland similar inscriptions have been found in regions rich in rune stones, and in the regions where these stones were very few.

"But the more they were rare runic stones in a certain area, the worst writers are the ones who inflicted these non-verbal signs. Thus, we can conclude that they tried not to convey a linguistic message, but to create a runic engraving, which was perceived by the local population would be as persuasive "- says the researcher.

However, the Runic Stones absolutely no linguistic loads quite rare. On most stones can read a short story in the form of a commemorative record. At first glance it may seem chaotic inscriptions, but in fact they are well-structured. Usually read them must begin with the lower left corner. Another observation Marco Bianchi is that many of the stones are not considered rigid reading of the established order. In such cases, the label is visually separated and can be read in any order.

"You can compare the text with a modern runic stones turn a newspaper or web page where users are attracted headlines and images on many stones interaction ornament and runes really impressive. For people Viking runes themselves were only part of the information that was carrying a stone "- says the scientist.

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