Studies of RAS: longs to the North Caucasus to be an integral part of the Russian Federation?

Prom. research was conducted by the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy. Employees of the Institute headed by Igor Kosikov prepared a collective monograph, materials for which were going in all the North Caucasian region of Russia. This monograph — the real scientific work, which covers most of the areas of activity of the peoples inhabiting the Russian North Caucasus. Have not gone unnoticed regional financial component, as the eyes of the inhabitants of geopolitical 7 subjects of the federation, members of the North Caucasus Federal neighborhood. Recall that the county itself is made up of the Stavropol region, Chechnya, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkess Republic, Dagestan and North Ossetia-Alania. Center of the neighborhood is defined multinational Pyatigorsk.

Members of the Institute conducted research on public opinion in the North Caucasus Federal District countryside. With all of this research center employees themselves say about one hundred percent independent study, which was conducted in order to identify public sentiment on the ground North Caucasus. The last study of this level in the terrain of the country was conducted more 20 years ago, and therefore it is out of the monograph can be considered a huge event that sheds light on trends in one of the most densely populated regions of the Russian Federation.

One of the areas of the vast study was related to the question of what the public mood reigns in the study region. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union has been more than a pair of 10-s years, and during this time the concept of "North Caucasus ", many Russians came to be associated with some territorial, civilizational, political and economic remoteness. Scientists from the Russian Academy of Sciences decided to gather information about how well their future themselves behold the inhabitants of the subjects of the North Caucasian Federal District. After all, many Russians had formed a stereotype that the inhabitants of the Caucasian republics after bloody military conflicts in the area of Chechnya and Dagestan, finished feel and Russians have lost the link that during the 10-s years of the fastening together the peoples of the Russian Federation.
Research Dr. Kosikova and his companions they say that the peoples of the Northern Caucasus, not only do not want to distance themselves from the rest of RF, Yes, and want to integrate North Caucasus Federal District and other regions of the Russian manifested more intensely. After reading this kind of disk imaging, many of our readers can say they still would not covet integrated, because grants from the federal government broad stream flow in many republics of the North Caucasus and other Russian regions are experiencing severe difficulties, trying to solicit additional funds from Moscow to address their own priorities problems.

But Igor Kosikov and his colleagues, of course, with the development of its own monograph understood that such claims can manifest themselves, and therefore provide a series of economic materials, according to which the subsidies from the federal budget in the same Ingushetia per capita in 2010 was only one-fifth of subsidies in the Kamchatka region. For Ingushetia — 12,9 thousand rubles per person for Kamchatka region — more than 65 thousand rubles for the 1st inmate for the Magadan region — 52.7 thousand, for Yakutia — 41.3 thousand, for the Republic of Tuva — 28.6 thousand for Chechnya — a bit more than 10.2 thousand rubles.

In the following years the situation has changed for the North Caucasus region of Russia in terms of subsidies in the best possible way (this Kosikov doctor in his own monograph does not mention). Specifically, in 2011 the gap between the per capita subsidies in Ingushetia and the Kamchatka region was not 5 times and 2.5 times (Ingushetia — 35.6 thousand rubles, Kamchatka — 89.6 thousand).

After the start of the implementation of development programs from the Far East, of course, not expect that North Caucasus Federal District will lose a large percentage of federal subsidies, but if you believe the data from the monograph prepared by Igor Kosikov and his staff, the inhabitants of the North Caucasus claim about their own support more profound inter-regional integration with other subjects Russia, basing their wishes far not only on the cash component.

Certainly, every region has its strengths, which are at least some integration process only to behold the "sale" of the interests, and therefore state that the concerned financial close contact with Moscow is only at the North Caucasian political elites — very little naive. Is it in other regions in certain circles (including close to imperative) are not enthusiastic to what seems to be available from the federal treasury more, give back much smaller and hide away … Is it only one North Caucasus in the near future to subsidize a significant volume? .. Is it only in the severity or Makhachkala is the phenomenon of corruption? ..

But there are in Russia (including the terrain and the North Caucasus) And outside the person, who obviously are not interested in the fact, that North Caucasus was part of the Russian Federation and intensively integrated into a single process of development of the country. These persons are profitable, that North Caucasus Federal District was a big powder keg that could at any moment to fly up into the air and split Russia on specific "principality". Specifically, these individuals all the forces and try to promote the idea that such a phrase can be described as "enough to feed the Caucasus." But if anyone has the illusion that after "enough to feed the Caucasus" does not appear slogan "enough to feed the Far East", "enough to feed Siberia" and further down the list.

Fully understood that the study of a scholar Igor Kosikova give food for thought about whether there is a future for the North Caucasus as part of the terrain RF. If the deepening integration expresses the vast majority of the inhabitants of the North Caucasus, all the discussion about what North Caucasus Federal District — a burden for the rest of, more like a manifestation obviously counterproductive strangeness. Specifically, the escalation of this kind of reasoning is the main purpose of extremists of all stripes (and, more importantly, their patrons) who want to destabilize the situation and bump heads peoples inhabiting the multinational Russia.

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