Su-30MKI and the Rafale will compete in the skies over France

In order to expand global capabilities in the air, the Indian Air Force plans this year to regular air exercises with the role of military aircraft of France and England.

Maneuvers with the role of the French Air Force, under the title Garud will be held in France in June, similar exercises with the royal air force in England will be based Kalaykunda (West Bengal) in October, said the Ministry of Defence.

On the teachings of Garud, who have been held for a fourth time, the Indian Air Force will be represented by fighters gain advantages in the air of the Su-30MKI and languid tanker planes Il-78. Air tankers IL-78 expand the strategic capabilities Indian Air Force, said the Ministry of Defence.

The French side is expected to put up fighters Rafale and different versions of the Mirage-2000, report sources. As you know, Rafale fighter France offered to the Indian tender to buy 126 combat aircraft functional total cost of 11 billion U.S. dollars.

1st Indo-French air exercises were conducted in 2003 at Gwalior Air Base, the second was held in 2005 in France, and others were held in 2007 at an air base Kalaykunda.

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