Su-35 will be the guarantor of the newest building of Venezuela — Hugo Chavez

President Venezuela Hugo Chavez (Hugo Chavez) has shown interest in buying Russian multi-role fighters Sou-35 to upgrade and increase the country's defense, said on August 18 Iranian broadcaster Press TV.

"I have already sent an application to the address of, that we are ready to see opportunity acquisitions in the coming couple of years, fighters Sou-35 to extend the capabilities of our national defense, "quoted President National Radio Venezuela August 15. Chavez noted that the purchase of fighter planes of this type "will strengthen the independence, the country's defense and ensures the newest build Venezuela, new Fatherland and to set new standards."

The Su-35 is a single super-maneuverable twin-engined fighter with thrust vector control and the ability to hit several air targets at once. This aircraft was characterized as a generation 4 + + with the presence of technology fifth generation.

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