Tear off a piece of the Sun


Netherlands: Local amateur astronomer Jan Timmermans captured a strange phenomenon that occurs with the Sun, said the portal Spaceweather.

May 2, at sunrise, Jan Timmermans filmed a spot on the Sun, located on the south-west side and later discovered that captures the unusual prominence separated from the surface of the star, which turned into a ball of fire, the size of our Earth.

Amateur astronomer did not specify whether the fallen, this ball in the sun, as it usually happens with protuberances or flew into space, as do the coronal mass ejections. Ian sure that it is fixed prominence, while many others argue that it was a UFO.

Note, Jan Timmermans continuously observing the Sun. He oversees the coronal mass ejections, prominences, and spots, photographing all the phenomena occurring with the Sun, and systematically publishes them on its website.

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