Technology Rat King


The current situation in Russia, the situation created by the use of technology, known as "King Rat." The objective of this technology — to destroy key nodes invisible foundations and social ties of the structure. Create an atmosphere of disunity, when every man for himself and there is no concept of "your." To achieve this, it is necessary to break the morality. Indicator of morality is broken behavior when your betraying his own.

The essence of this technology is very clearly revealed by the example of rats. These animals are primarily known for his incredible survival. The basis of such vitality — in social cohesion. Rats are extremely social animals. They go together "at work", help each other, protect, if possible, to take away with them wounded. Rats feel one organism and behave as a single organism. They quickly exchange information quickly warn of danger, pass defense skills. Such behavior is not personal gain. Defense mechanism has a moral nature.

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