Terrorist attack in the Minsk metro — news and consequences

There are people who are trying to make this tragedy dividends, causing panic

Against the background of the tragedy, many Belarusians took to heart, there are people who are trying to use the situation in some obscure purpose.

As the Security Council today, Secretary Leonid Maltsev, false rumors of new explosions tear law enforcement officers from the main work.

Leonid Maltsev, State Secretary of the Security Council of the Republic of Belarus:
There are people that are in this difficult situation to try to make this tragedy any dividends, causing panic. This morning rumors constantly checked. Supposedly, there was an explosion at a bus stop, there is an event. This removes the police.

If such information comes in, we will immediately respond, send for testing, and it separates from the main work.

Drivers of minibuses transported victims for free
Many taxi drivers helped free overnight deliver passengers from the blast site. Some even specifically change the route, the correspondent of the Metropolitan Television.

Oleg Staver, director of the private company for passengers:
Once in the media, I heard about the incident, about this tragedy, I gave the command for drivers to passengers are transported free of charge.

Ministry of Health provides comprehensive assistance to victims in full. Seriously ill patients are in intensive care units. Those who were needed, perform the operation. All the victims were consulted. They, as well as relatives of psychological assistance.

It was fast enough, several people were put in an ambulance. They took one heavy, the other somewhat easier.
Here, all the doctors were in place, it was very fast, there were no queues. I was immediately taken to the emergency room, once issued, they took tests

A report from the Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital
Injured due to the explosion in the Minsk metro and took advice clinic Minsk Regional Clinical Hospital. Here asked 14 people, six of whom were hospitalized. The state of all — stable.

Yuri Ladutko, chief doctor of the Minsk Regional Hospital:
Thank God, they went to the state is not above average weight. Basically it is a closed head injuries, barotrauma, which accompanied an explosion. First of all, we tried to reassure them, to give sedatives to provide phone contact with his family.

Roman Fedorov, the victim of the explosion in the subway, is a kapeltsey:
I was coming down the escalator. There was an explosion at our big show plating station. We went down the escalator, ran through some service outlets.
At hand are severed nerves. In the lungs — dust, which swallowed.
They say everything will be okay, drip some medications.

Paul Sudnik, the victim of the explosion in the subway:
No explosion was heard. Blast wave came. The light was like, but because of the dust could not see anything. In the escalator my foot got caught, ligaments torn.

Brutes, what they want .. Not only them, we survived the war, so do not give to live to the end of his days.
It is not people.
People die. Is unbearable, I am.
Very sorry for all the victims.
Revised figures: identified eight out of 12 people

Established the identity of another victim in an explosion in the Minsk metro — is a native of Slutsk Klemets Yuri, born in 1987. He is registered in the Minsk dormitory on Surganov, 47, building 4. This was announced by the chief Leonid Farmagey Minsk police today at a meeting in Minsk Executive Committee, BelTA has learned.

The tragedy 12 people died. As of 8:00 for help doctors asked 195 people, 40 people are in critical condition.

As specified in the KGB, the victims of the explosion were: Abraj Natalia V. (date of birth — 11/06/1966) Shagoyko Anna V. (10/09/1954) Kaptyuh Roman V. (03/16/1990), Serban Sergey (11/04/1988), Anatoly Narkevich V. (03/06/1959) Parfuntsev Alexander E. (03/21/1954), Zakhar Tatiana I. (11.20.1968).

According to some data, the list of those who died were excluded Karina Andrukovich and Olga Solovyov.

According to the Deputy Prosecutor General of Belarus Andrei Swede — the head of Task Force, which is investigating the explosion of the 12 victims are more likely to have identified the ten BelaPAN.

Photo: Anton Motolko


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