Tests engine for the PAK FA tested successfully

Slider for a promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) is a preparatory step for the tests that go well. Itar-Tass said, now managing the creation of programs from the motor, Chief Designer SEC im.Lyulki (Capital subsidiary NPO "Saturn") Yevhen Marchuk.

"The preparatory step contains a conducting bench and flight tests. This is the most labor-intensive period, both in time and in money. Certain elements of what is implemented in a promising first step, aircraft engines (article 117) was taken from the developments to create a motor 117C for Su-35 fighter. Namely, design methods and calculations, processing technology toughest parts of the structure., in turn slider 117C for 80 percent. consists of new parts in comparison to the last time the engines for modern fighters (AL-31F). For the motor developed a new system of automatic control. The first time, it will be built on the Russian element base. Architecture of the system, the method of managing it — also Russian. We wish that the element base was Russian, although we have a list of permissions for the introduction zabugornoy base, "- said the chief designer.

According Marchukova, made "more than 20 engines" for the PAK FA. "Properties of the motor on the bench proved absolutely modes. By the end of this year will be assessed on the technical features of the flight mode," — he said. "By 2013, we should go out on the holding of municipal trials," — said Chief Designer.

Referring to media reports rejected takeoff PAK FA ends with a day of MAKS-2011, Marchukov said: "Aircraft engine — this is probably the most difficult in engineering terms the product. Mistakes cost is very high both in monetary costs and based on the beliefs of defense of the country. 'Cause when the smallest deviations from standard operating motor test pilot must complete the mission, which was manufactured. although last days of air show engine worked awesome, and the T-50 did all scheduled flights without any problems or. conducted spices analysis revealed differences in the automation engine, which led to the surge. Inspections showed that the engine is not damaged and the aircraft in one day will be ready to continue the flight test. "

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