Tests J-20 are successful day admission to the troops not far off — general

Chinese fighter flight tests 5th generation J-20 show a "very good results" before entering the aircraft in the armed forces has remained "very long", said in an interview with the Hong Kong newspaper "Wenhui Bao" last head of the PLA Air Force Gen.-Major Wei Gang. At the same time, he refused to call a certain period of likely J-20, limiting the remark that it is "just not going to happen this year."

Until now, only one Chinese official allowed to speak for themselves about the likely timing of J-20 in troops. Back in 2009, two years before the aircraft was first shown to the public, the deputy commander of the PLA Air Force Gen.-Lieutenant Veyzhun He openly stated that programm J20 is under "active implementation".

He also predicted that the supply fighter in troops can occur "very soon", but when asked to elaborate said that this is understood as term 8-10 years.

So Makar, at first it was about the ability of admission J20 to the troops by the end of the present decade, with life-affirming scripts.

One can imagine that the statements Wei Gang successful during the test is evidence that the Chinese have not yet encountered in their work over the aircraft with any unexpected difficulties and planned starting date of its serial production in the 2017-2019 year are still valid.

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