Tests of a new engine for the PAK FA in 2014

Bench tests fundamentally new motor (the motor of the second step) for Russian aircraft fifth-generation PAK FA in 2014, said on Tuesday Chief Designer, Director of Research and Technology Center named Swinging "Saturn" Eugene Marchukov at the 11th Conference Internatsionalnaya "Aviation and Astronautics — 2012."

"In iron engine will be ready in two years, and will begin bench testing, debugging it will go," — said Marchukov at a conference at the Metropolitan Institute of Aviation.

According to him, the new "slider 117 "will refer to the generation of the" 5 + "and its features will be superior to the existing analogues zabugornye engines for aircraft fifth generation.
"This is a fundamentally new engine, because it's created quite a long time. At the motor unit weight is 30% less (than 117C), the price of the current cycle was also 30% less, and he should be cheaper, "- said Marchuk.

He also said that six fighters Sou-35 117S engines will be on Russian Air Force until the end of 2012. "Six cars of the Su-35 will go to the troops by the end of this year", — said Marchuk.

According to him, the 117S engines of "4 + +" on airplanes Sou-35 are installed with the letter "O" and are in the mode of trial operation. "Plane already go to the army, which will begin training flight personnel ", — said Marchuk.

He added that 117S engine about 80% of new parts. "The new fan, brand new combustor, turbine brand new, upgraded swivel nozzle" — identified Marchukov, as quoted by the "Interfax".

As reported by the newspaper's gaze, in August flight test center of the Defense Ministry in Akhtubinsk completed tests of the new Su-35 fighter.

Recall, batch creation of the Su-35C is at the company "Sukhoi" — Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Production Association named after Yuri Gagarin — in accordance with the prisoner in the 2009 municipal contract to supply the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation until 2015 48 aircraft.

It is expected that in 2012 it is planned to build eight Su-35s, later — 12, in 2014 — 12, in 2015 — 14.

Su-35 — deep functional upgraded super-maneuverable fighter of "4 + +". It utilizes technology fifth generation, providing an advantage over similar class fighters.

At present, negotiations are underway to supply Su-35 zabugornom customers. This machine should ensure continued competitiveness of the company "Sukhoi" in the global market before the start of series production aircraft fifth generation (PAK FA).

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