Tests of German armored personnel carrier: a reason to cry or to overcome the technological gap?

New porazglagolstvovat excuse about "where the rolling" our military-industrial complex, along with the army, appeared yesterday at fans of this activity. With reference to the agency "Interfax", almost all of the media rushed to tell us about the trials in the German-Dutch wheeled armored personnel carrier Boxer GTK. And also the fact that when tested bids can be recommended for adoption by armament. Here overjoyed figures "sliding-popilnogo" genre of journalism seized for the news, trying to make her a confirmation of self-righteousness.

Well, after all, let's start with the fact that this news "with a beard," because the tests did not start now. Unlike trials Italian wheeled armored vehicles «Centauro» and «Freccia», on trial «Boxer» gromozvuchno not reported. Perhaps because, unlike the Italian side, the German-Dutch consortium of ARTEC, did not try to do the test from the fact that advertising their own products. Apart from this, the Russian side at the exhibition Eurosatory-2012 expressed intrigued in getting acquainted with the Finnish machine similar purpose «Patria». Neuzh it turns out that people in the defense establishment really lobbying for the interests of foreign producers?

For starters have to remember that, according to the plan of development and modernization of the Land Forces, together with the new "heavy" and "average" tracked vehicles, we must seem a brand new wheeled armored vehicles. Including combat machine, which will replace the BTR-70/80. Work on the newest machine, known by the name developmental works "Boomerang", has long been underway and close to completion. At times there Image and Layouts combat vehicles based on the "Boomerang". And next year it should show to the general public, and "alive".

Russian armored vehicles past decades substantiate their stunning property. This is the result of many years of careful work of designers and Russian military. Yet, the development of methods of warfare, and requests the development of military equipment. Brand new appliances must cancel exceed an old, otherwise just does not make sense to substitute its tried and tested. It is clear that to do this simply and quickly fail. Successful technical solutions — the result of many years of trial and error. For example, the previous generation of wheeled armored personnel carriers (APCs of BTR-60-82) developed from the late 50's, gradual improvements and bug fixes. Combat and operational features of these machines improved in over half a century. You could continue to try to improve it. Recent tests done better armored vehicle — Russian BTR-90 and BTR-4 Ukrainian, in what has been made to improve the limit has already claimed the configuration and assembly, and the structure itself. Next you need to have new girl machine. She created under the ROC "Boomerang". It has a long and probably difficult fate, as well as the machines of previous generations. Study of the overall design of its individual parts, new parts and systems, asking the time of testing and finding good solutions.

Are complaints sense that to reduce cycle development work we are trying to meet the technical solutions applied to the Western cars of the same class? May have. Certainly it is a pity that it is not for us to line up for new ideas, and we are trying to reduce the technological gap, especially perceptible in the field of auto engineering. Certainly it is a pity that in the introduction to advanced Western developments have to pay not only the price of individual samples.

But it all cancels the need for the creation of the Russian machine that will, at least, no worse than the most advanced designs? I think that does not cancel. Does it make sense familiarity with foreign technology, or better to rely only on their own technological point of view? In my opinion, familiarity and comparison with its developments detrimental to name difficult. This may give new technological push, can assist to choose the right direction for design work and impartial assessment of their potential. Another thing is that you can create your technique still have. This is for the microscopic states permissible to take on armament foreign standards. We need to ensure the defense capability on its own technological base, which, incidentally, is guaranteed and link to our industrial potential of the least advanced countries. And catching up on those fronts, which for various reasons we have not sufficiently developed — permissible to cooperate with foreigners. Principally to balance getting the right technology, but without being attached to the imported technology base.

It's hard. Especially since their grant for the development of unit cost of production, no one will. For example, without adopting the Italian light armored vehicles LMV Iveco, it is unlikely we would be able to get a reference to the more complex «Centauro» and «Freccia». No promises advise to the adoption, it is unlikely to have provided to us by the German-Dutch tests «Boxer».

It is necessary to note one more thing. The Ministry of Defence, as a customer, in relation to the Russian industry, has often received no indisputable principle — not be able to do — to buy from strangers. This principle is often pays off. But this very principle "do not play." In the end, thereby stimulating activity by their own developers, and fundamentally aware of their specific abilities, and their total value. The acceptance by armament some foreign models, the creation of which at this stage is not under the force of the Russian defense industry, there may be only be made until the Russian analogues or exceed the standards of foreign equipment. It is clear that taking care of the development of its industry — it's not smooth competence men of war. Since they were allowed a limited introduction of foreign models, they must be driven by considerations of their combat effectiveness, and not to take what they give. But be aware of the need to develop its own industry first, to everything, even at the level of individual countries.

Summarizing announcements about the trials of German armored vehicles, hunting recommend readers not to simplify everything to the level of "kickbacks, drank and lobbying." The state of our industry, while far from perfect in almost all areas. And at least some collaboration with a foreign manufacturer, in turn, is intended to eliminate the backlog. Prior to start an old "song about polymers," harmless to recall about one of the examples of such co-operation of old times, at one time made a lot of noise.

When the Vologda Optical and Mechanical Plant was deployed creating thermal imaging products with the introduction of French matrices (for armored vehicles and aircraft sights), many were that Russian thermal imagers we will not see. And now, this year, there were sighting systems "Irbis-K" and "Agate-MDT" using the Russian matrix photodetectors that rivals the French. They will be used in the newest and modernized military vehicles for the Russian Armed Forces, leaving exporters to choose.

I'm not going to talk about the need to test the German armored vehicles, because they do not know the details and do not wish to have an impact on the degree of cooperation intrigued to foreign producers. But I wish to note that whatever decision was not made on the basis of the test, it does not affect the need for the creation of self-reference. It will be shown later in the year already, and it still provides applets rearmament.

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