Tests of Indian aircraft carrier to be successful

Conducted in Russia running tests of Indian Naval Ship "INS Vikramaditya", a controversial views and initially betrothed offensive failure, are in fact a natural success, and problems with power plant caused to the ship during a test, are not even close to as severe as it is reported in the media. This writes the Indian The Hindu.

After returning to the ship Sevmash week reversed monitoring team of the Indian Navy, which closely tracked down the process of running tests and concluded that in general ship proved to be just fine, and test programm has largely been completed.

The test results were analyzed, and the issues to be improved, reflected in the minutes, signed by Vice-Admiral Niranjan Kumar Nadella (Nadella Niranjan Kumar), head of the production and procurement of warships.

The main outcome of the sea trials the ship may be referred to the fact that ship Indian Navy "Vikramaditya", converted from the carrier "Admiral Gorshkov", which took on board the aircraft and missiles, and has stood the test and became a highly vsepolnotsennym aircraft carrier. Ship showed good sea keeping properties and flexibility and worked flawlessly in time take-offs and landings of aircraft. The complex avionics, navigation equipment and other vehicle systems have shown their high efficiency and reliability.

Faulty boilers, identified in time test vessel for the development of a full stroke, will not lead to their substitution or removal. The problem boils down to the need for substitution of insulating lining that is located between the boiler and the iron hull of the brick masonry. At the request of Indian professionals Russian side refused to use conventional asbestos-containing material, and the new stuff is a bit deformed in time complete set vehicle speed, resulting in a partial collapse of the brickwork. In the true time Indian side agreed to the introduction of asbestos board.

The problem with the boilers did not prevent "Vikramaditya" to finish the tests. Informed sources told The Hindu, that the officers of the Indian Navy have been particularly impressed by the flight applets. Fighter of the 4 + + MiG-29K and MiG-29KUB completed 41 perfect take-off and landing with full combat load and navesnoymi tanks. Collaboration optical and electrical systems landing Russian and the Indian production is allowed to Russian pilots during landing in 70 percent of cases capture the second of the 3 arresting gear cables, which is a terrific result.

Ship a displacement of 44 tons and has shown tremendous agility, describing at a speed of 18 knots circulation of 360 degrees with the smallest radius equal to the length of one and a half blocks.

Apart from defects with the boilers were also found deficiencies in a certain other equipment installed at the insistence of the Indian side, such as chillers, nitrogen generators and compressors, made in Germany, the UK, Poland and India itself.

According to sources, the Russian shipbuilders have promised to complete all repairs to the beginning of next year, but, taking into account that preliminary tests in Snow White Sea will be able to begin only at the end of May, when the ice melts, "Vikramaditya" will be transferred to the Indian Navy did not previously illumine the future year.

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