Tests of the latest technology of NATO in Libya is successful

Since the start of the operation "Odyssey. Breaking Dawn "in Libya, many have begun to read not only that the allies want to get their hands on the "black gold" of the country, and that NATO not averse to test their new weapons. Some Royal Air Force officer who desired to call his own name, he gave a frank interview to a British newspaper. In this interview contains statements that indirectly confirm the facts of the use of Britain's newest developments of the military sphere. Naturally command of the operation itself refutes the words that Libya has become a proving ground for testing. The military and politics in one voice say that the purpose of the operation — the liquidation of Colonel Gaddafi and Libya's democratization.

Numerous military experts and journalists responsibly claim that for months against the forces loyal to Colonel weapon was used, which is prohibited. One of these types of weapons are bombs with depleted uranium, also thermobaric warhead. First leave behind and cause great destruction to the same area of infection. By the way, Ukrainian doctors working in Tripoli, recorded an increase in the level of radiation dosimeters using at the time when the city "cool" after the bombing of British aircraft. In places exactly where the bombs hit, the radiation level was exceeded in the 10's again. The introduction of a thermobaric bombs led to the fact that the victims in the middle of the civilian population in the towns Libya was very high.

British command is trying to change the terminology used by the media, and instead of thermobaric bombs expresses some bombs with increased exposure. Certainly, it is possible and grayish wolf call of the Red Riding Hood, but that he did not end up to be a wolf. So in this situation: the military NATO are trying to replace the concept of the public and shove the facts wrong, but that the use of depleted uranium bombs could lead to a real scandal. Only here would anyone have to also justify. While in the prevailing criteria of no-independent examinations read is not necessary.

How sad to not admit it, but in the case of the Libyan conflict NATO new gun just utterly breaks An old Russian and Russian weapon. No need to cherish the hope that the Libyan fighters, many of which this year marks 20 years, would be able to counter the real NATO air armadas. It says that if the principle of the creation of the tools in Russia remains the same as in the moment, in any confrontation with the NATO, we will have to admit defeat, as it almost did Muammar Gaddafi. While it is necessary to realize that a large part of what makes our "defense" was designed back in the last millennium … Suffice it to recall that in any place where the same fought the British Air Force air defense systems, manufactured in Russia, celebrated the victory specifically Her Majesty's subjects. In Britain, there is even a humorous title "Kremlin Regiment" — Squadron aircraft, specializing in the destruction of plants such as the C-200.

Another controversial moment of the Libyan operation — is non-existent ground Tipo operation NATO. In other words, we try to assure that it is the rebels with their machine guns and rocket-propelled grenades destroyed the armored forces of Colonel Gaddafi with a "small" air support. But a leaked word of the same British officer there is information that NATO uniforms and strolled along the ground, and not just flying in the sky. In other words, the forces NATO specifically directed to assist the NTC Libya own officers, that they commanded their troops to the best of consolidation in the confrontation between Gaddafi's troops.

If such information is proved, on the U.S. and other countries taking part in the operation, it is safe to apply to the International Tribunal for the claim that they violated UN Security Council resolution. That's just who is now on it will be easier — the big question. And while still wait for the end of yet another round of "NATO exercises" in Libya.

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