Tests of the new all-terrain vehicle for border

Against the background of modernization of the Russian army somehow imperceptibly passed a series of events related to the updating of the real part of the security forces. Namely, far not all interested in the subject are aware of the intentions rather davneshnih Border Service regarding the purchase of the latest technology to equip the frontier. First, this year it was reported early tests of a new over-terrain vehicle, but then everything remains at the level of rumor. At this point, in October-month, posted new information confirming the existence of the programs from the tests. In addition, the model has become known for a certain test machine.

"News" report that the new car for the border guards may be cross-country vehicle "Trekol-39294." Representative of "Trekol" I. Varentsov said that current trip to the landfill represent the second step of the test. These two variants are involved outright car. The first of them is a floating machine without any special devices, and the second to equip the jet. With all of this design features 2-car options are small. Varentsov believes that the opportunity to purchase all-terrain vehicles is very high and you only graduate program from the tests. An unnamed representative of the Federal Security Service, in general, agreed with the employee's office "Trekol." According to him, cross-country vehicle meets the requirements of border service is also suitable for the tasks conferred upon it. "Trekol-39294" is proposed to patrol in those criteria where there will be more easy technique like UAZ-469, but it makes no sense to use a tracked armored vehicles. First, it is swampy and snowy terrain.

Cross-country vehicle "Trekol-39294" is a common representative of this class of equipment. Tri-axle all-wheel drive machine is equipped with tubeless tires own production model "Trekol-1300h600-533." In accordance with the basic trends of all-terrain vehicle tires "Trekol-39294" have a great amount, but with all this inflated to a pressure of 8-50 kPa. This increases the grip and, therefore, throughput. At the request of the customer car "Trekol-39294" can be equipped with a 2-motor type: petrol ZMZ-4062.10 (130 hp) or diesel Hyundai D4BF (power of 83 hp.) According to reports, the guards want to get a diesel variant rover. Power is transmitted to the wheels through chetyrehstupnuyu manual gearbox and two-stage inter-axle differential. Both engines are dispersed car equipped with a mass of 2800 kg to a speed of 70 km / h For the convenience of the driver manager is equipped with hydraulic path. The movement of the water can be carried out with 2 methods: using the rotation of the wheels and the introduction of a single outboard motor with a water jet.

Corresponding feature of all-terrain vehicle "Trekol-39294" is a lightweight insulated body, made of fiberglass. For planting people and downloading of cargo foreseen three doors: two front and one in the rear. Inside the car, like the "general civil" cars, placed two seats for the driver and passenger. Behind them along the sides there are two sofas for 6 people. As required between them can be set a small table, a mounting on special fasteners sex. If you need to transport some goods, sofas decompose and form a surface for placing the load. This cargo compartment may be located up to 700 pounds of cargo. But the shipping weight per se is likely only when traveling on the hard ground. If in the course of transportation to be crossing the pond to swim, the maximum desired load is reduced to 400 pounds.

Additional equipment, first electronics installed in accordance with the requirements of the customer. This may be the GLONASS navigation system, radio communication equipment, etc. Maybe all terrain vehicles for border services will be provided in order for the installation of small arms, for example, a machine gun turret. But it may be required and other improvements of more severe nature. According to I. Varentsova available at the current time tires provide low load on the ground, but with all this in a number of situations do not provide a tribute to the clutch. Maybe the customer will claim equip ATVs "Trekol-39294" another type of tire, devoid of this defect.

Despite the company's confidence "Trekol" not bad prospects in their car, still too early to open a discussion the final decision of the respective officers of the FSB and the subsequent prospects for all-terrain vehicle. Closing the second step test is close enough, but one can only try to anticipate what will be the decision of the Commission is responsible for the event. If it is positive, will begin a discussion on the number of new all-terrain vehicles, the right border troops.

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