Tests of the new tools and the latest equipment

In connection with the current in the true time State applets re Russian army in recent months in the number of bolshennom announcements appeared on the plans of the Ministry of Defence. With all of this almost all such reports were accompanied by questions like "and when we learn not only about the plans, and their incarnation? '. On the days of official sources admitted information, which allows you to assign a speedy appearance and life-affirming news about the start of mass production of the new systems. So life-affirming announcements associated with 2 sensational project: a complex of military equipment fighter (BES) "Warrior" and the sniper rifle ORSIS T-5000.

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The first mention of the development of modern equipment for the soldiers, "Warrior" appeared a couple of years back, but embodied in the metal, textile and plastic kit was presented exclusively in the past year on the MAKS-2011. It has become clear that several recent instances of BES came in the 27th Motorized Rifle Brigade. According to the representative of the Ministry of Defense Lieutenant Colonel N. Donyushkina, military units launched this complex operation in the criteria of the landfill Alabino. The purpose of the current test "Warrior" is a test of features of different systems and identify their shortcomings. After the testing and development of parts of the BES not wait municipal tests. If they run well, then you can read about the making of equipment into service.

The specific composition of the complex "Warrior" has not yet named. Official information on this occasion was limited to general formulations. So, in the latest BES includes protection warrior, communication equipment and navigation, the so-called life-support system, as a tool. Certain types of equipment, or other official sources has not yet listed, which, however, did not prevent fans of military affairs to try to hold a "recognition" parts of the BES by the pictures shown.

First, in the eyes throws relevant fact: "The Warrior" is not some single complex built on a common base, and a few broken components and assemblies. Among other, it can lead to poor usability, because the soldier will have to waste time putting all the pieces of equipment. All the same, the developers have not forgotten about the BES "end user" and adopted a number of measures. Judging from the available photos, body armor, "Warrior" is connected to the piping system and pouches. Also from the picture we can come to a conclusion about the modular armor. Skip to main vest can be fastened groin and shoulder pads, a separate item for the protection of cervical fighter. This approach to the creation of Soldiers' protection is not something new, but the implementation of it in the promising Russian BES, certainly, it is interesting and promising.

The second element of body armor in the "Warrior" — a helmet. Nick online forum "Russian Power" (aka Otvaga2004) recognized him as the 6B7-1MM. According to the trends of recent years, steel construction of this protective headgear top cover is closed from camouflage fabric in the color of the rest of the outfit. At the front of the helmet has a mount for night vision device and other similar equipment. Noteworthy that the unused mount can be closed part of the respective Cloth cover. Coupled with the helmet men in the photo are splinter-proof glasses enormous size. Is noteworthy that the case for them, which is necessary in some cases, including in the fight, too, carries on the helmet, being pressed against him strap points. After all, in the "head" of the BES comes headset with active headphones and microphone to communicate with the men's own unit. Regarding the type of radio station, which connects to the headset, there is no disk imaging.

Practically speaking, the issue is not only the type worn by the fighter station. According Donyushkina, in the BES "Warrior" together with the radio includes navigation, identification and information processing. Existing photos, there are no moments and "hook" on which to locate a specific type of electronic or other item or BES even though its composition. Most likely, each fighter together with "The Warriors" will receive a radio station with a small radius of the acts for communication with his unit, the GLONASS / GPS-navigator and possibly a computing device. Perhaps, the squad will rely even rugged notebook with a suitable set of software. Nevertheless, this is the only version built on logic and observation zabugornom ekipirovok projects. This logic can explain the light protection designed to prevent small but nasty injuries. On top of the standard camouflage uniforms the soldiers in the photo are knee pads and elbow pads are made of plastic. It looks a trifle. But in practice, this small detail will help to avoid huge amount of bad situations.

As for the weapons, which will go into the complex equipment, on this occasion can only build version. The fact that the creation of new small example program implements for Russian army is separately and therefore is unlikely to photos captured on an upgraded rifle SVD and a Kalashnikov rifle called hundredth of the series is guaranteed to become part of the complex "The Warrior." But even in this form, armed men in the photo is a kind of enthusiasm. Thus, refreshed Dragunov sniper rifle set a new adjustable buttstock. Judging by his appearance, the shooter can customize yourself as the length of the unit and the height pillow under his cheek. In this case, it's all done with your own design details of the stock. For a variety of circumstances such ergonomic design is not received in our army in bolshennom quantity. Also note rifle PT3 and the system is mounted. Unlike an old PSO-1, it is not installed on the side mounting a rifle, and Picatinny rail placed on the lid of the receiver. In the hands of a soldier-gunners existing photo captures supposedly AK-107 with an equilibrium mechanism. Receiver cover of the machine is also armed with a Picatinny rail on which the collimator sight "Merlin." Fascinating and machine shop. From its large thickness can come to the conclusion that the test run in the armed forces of the new four-row magazine for 60 rounds. The existence of similar developments for the first time, it became clear a little more than one year back.

Meanwhile, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, September 24 has mentioned some of the projects of small tools, developed the personal enterprises. According to a bureaucrat at the current time in the municipal trial is one of a new type of gun and immediately two sniper rifles. Regarding the type of said gun until there is no clear disk imaging. Perhaps this "Swift", which caused her to time wave of debate. But in respect of sniper rifles data have already appeared. Military journalist D. Mokrushin your own blog shared good news about these rifles. In conversation with a journalist representative of the plant "Orsis" told that their rifle T-5000 is located in the municipal trials. At the same time presented a descent two options for cartridges .308 Win (7,62 x51 mm NATO) and .338 Lapua Magnum (8,6 x 70 mm). According to reports, the rifle being tested in combination with optical sights and night vision devices made in Russia, produced by "Daedalus".

Unfortunately, on the progress or tim
ing of tests of sniper rifles, T-5000 disk imaging is even smaller than the "WARRIOR". Because of the results of the municipal trial is anyone's guess. Of course, the hunt to the Russian product all the same went to the army and to "protect" Russian snipers from excessive spending on foreign gun. At the same time, while unidentified wishes of the Ministry of Defence in respect of the required sniper rifle. With all this the fact of the municipal trial may have hinted at ending production requirements. Yet, all the information about the municipal trial of T-5000 is currently limited to 2-statements of officials of the government and the firm "Orsis."

Most Recent announcements regarding tests of new weapons and military equipment look pretty optimistic. Especially for the reason that, unlike news plans, programs involve bringing at least the verification phase to practice. Of course, between the tests and vsepolnotsennymi supply must pass some more time and some effort will be spent. Yet, the creation of modern military equipment fighter and update the range of small arms are worth the costs and expectations.

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