Tests Scorpion LSHA B

Once again, glad to show you exclusive footage. Now — with the armored car test Scorpio-LSHA B. Photo courtesy of "protection."

A short accompanying message:
In late May, at the site of Defense of the Russian Federation were held shooting tests and tests disruption Scorpius-LSHA B. Absolutely made the tactical and technical MEET THE REQUIREMENTS Defense Ministry.

After fired from a distance of 30 meters per GOST R 50963-96

The sequence of explosions: 600 gr. under the geometric center of the capsule (after undermining car retained the ability to move under its own power, in other words wound up and gone) on 2 kg under the rear right wheel and 4 kg at the front left wheel. All explosive devices — non-enveloped.
When explosions in car Sensors installed sound pressure and acceleration (including on a mannequin), also a pig and three bunny

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