Tests Sikorsky S-70iTM

1st International Version of helicopter Sikorsky S-70iTM Black Hawk, assembled at the factory PZL Mielec in Poland, started flight testing reports DefPro. First, in May helicopter was delivered to the Sikorsky flight test center in Florida. At the current time S-70iTM held ground tests, and in July 2010, to be held the first flight of the machine.

Assembly of the first international helicopter began in August 2009 and ended in February 2010. New S-70iTM, which is planned to supply the world market, will make konkurentnst cars in price range helicopters carrying capacity of 8.6 tons. With all this the machine itself can carry loads of up to 10 tons. S-70iTM is based on a military transport helicopter UH-60 Black Hawk. It is capable of speeds up to 295 km per hour to fly a distance of 2.2 thousand kilometers.

On Black Hawk can be equipped with two 7.62 mm machine gun or two guns with revolving block barrels of 5.56mm. In addition, on pylons can be hung launchers for 70-mm Hydra 70 rockets or missiles AGM-114 Hellfire. Since 2012 Sikorsky Poland plans to create up to 20 S-70iTM year.

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