Tests special equipment for a day of military motorist. Light assault vehicle Scorpio 2M and tracked carrier DT-10 Vityaz

Day military motorist was observed in the Russian Federation is very interesting: on the suburban range (Bronnitsi), the regular testing of special equipment to be purchased in the Armed Forces. The first machine, which appeared on the obstacle course was — LSHA "Scorpion". We note that in the passing lane of the car broke down hinge, after which the band released LSHA-B "Scorpion", which also happened problem — broken cross. Breakdowns, according to the test driver, are not critical temper and resolved within 30 minutes, even in the criteria for the march or combat missions. For such repair is necessary spares included. Of firm innovation One unique set of electronics (CICS), with the "GLONASS" and LCD display information. All major components and assemblies cars are equipped with sensors and a failure of the car will be easy to quickly return it to operation.

Followed by those who came out on the obstacle course was multi-terrain vehicle type DT-10P "Knight". The uniqueness of the machine in conjunction with its trailer and cross — to overcome the 4-meter holes, overcoming aqua-bottlenecking and hilly terrain with a full load for it is not the problem. A very useful machine not only for the Russian Armed Forces, and for the Last of the North, Siberia and the Far East. What you can not wobble as it is that such terrain will find your own buyer.

LSHA "Scorpion 2M"
The car of the series "The Scorpion", which first took place in Bronnitsi tests, subsequent modification after LSHA Scorpio — The Scorpion 2M. This car is designed and made at the request of the customer (the Defense Ministry), after towing service in the armed forces LSHA "Scorpion".

The main innovations (improvement) in the newest car Scorpio 2M:
— base their brand new car development, from UAZovskoy base is one hundred percent refused;
— The tailgate is replaced by two stern doors with windows;
— spare wheel is mounted on the right rear of the hull;
— for shutter-lifting wheel has spetsbloke;
— There are steps to the entrance and exit to the body;
— benches installed (or seats) inside of each board.
Scorpio 2M will be issued with a body of iron or tilts execution. To use the machine in the cooler months, developed a separate insulated type awning. Scorpio-2M is positioned as a replacement for arming the car "UAZ".

The main features:
— length of 4.8 meters;
— width of 2.1 meters;
— height of 2.1 meters;
— base -305 cm;
— 4×4 all-wheel drive;
— troop compartment — 6 people + 1 next to the driver;
— its weight / load / full -2.4/1.1/3.5 tons;
— Diesel engine 0501 ADCR «Andoria», 4-stroke, turbocharged;
— box of a 2-versions-5-speed Automatic transmission or manual transmission;
— transfer case in 2-versions — 2-stage electrical and mechanical (off the front axle);
— Suspension — are independent, telescopic, 2 foreign act with stabilizers, hydraulic shock absorbers;
— System — 3-channel hydraulic Abs;
— bus — R18;
— fuel tanks — 2 units, total -136 n.;
— speed up to 150 km / h

Scorpio LSHA-B
The machine is created according to the order of the military department of the Russian Federation to the manufacturer's own funds. Class armor — 5th GOST. It is possible to increase the armor elements and bring protection up to 6a. Armor elements are made of ceramic, there are options for installing or Russian zabugornyh parts clay armor. As a function, it may be a booking engine on the 3rd level of protection. Mine protection according to the requirements of the military department shall withstand the undermining of the unit of TNT is 0.6 pounds. Designers plan in the course of testing to bring this figure up to 2 pounds bottom and 4th kilogram wheel. Installation of weapons and the full protection of (6a), mine layered defense is much load the engine is installed on the machine. The designers at the moment are searching a massive engine and data optimization solutions. It may well be that the new engines will not massive in Russia.

Designated troop compartment made by the refreshed scheme that must be attached to the sides, and provide spetselementami that destroyed at undermining and action on their vertical load. Seats fitted with a 50-cm intervals and shifted with respect to the inverse of seats (chess order). Fixtures for personal assault weapons, most likely, will not, but the option to install fixtures still available. For the transportation of bulky goods and weapons, to dismantle part of the seat, which is quite simple and fast. Under each window (4 board and one aft) a loophole for firing landing. Scorpio LSHA-B equip Kondyukov and have the opportunity establish type of forced ventilation to remove gases from the troop compartment. It attaches to the emergency exit hatch, which is available in the rear of the chassis. On the right aft of the outer area is set HLF-100A. To move the landing on the car during the cooler in the car with an oven — in the back under the 2nd left seat heater installed. Spare wheel with spetsbloke, set to starboard, center, followed by the fuel tank. On the left side, on the same site set 2nd fuel tank. They are explosion-proof — used spetsnapolnitel protektiruyuschy and puncture-proof layer.

Chairs commander and driver are installed on technology explosion, provided the mobility back and forth and amortization. LCD displays and video cameras will be installed at the request of the customer, for the time being until the machines are tested they are not installed. Heated windshield, side may also get it. In front of the machine will set the spotlight finder with remote control. The plans of designers, providing armored "Scorpion" the possibility of their transportation by helicopter, and the introduction of airborne units.

The main features:
— Length — 4.9 meters;
— width — 2.15 m;
— height — 2.2 meters;
— base -205 cm;
— 4×4 all-wheel drive;
— troop compartment — 6 people + 1 next to the driver;
— its weight / load / full -3.9/0.6/4.5 tons;
— diesel engine «Andoria», turbocharged;
— box — 5-speed manual transmission;
— TRANSFER CASE-2-speed manual;
— Suspension — are independent, telescopic, 2 foreign act with stabilizers, hydraulic shock absorbers;
— System — 3-channel hydraulic Abs;
— bus — R18;
— fuel tanks — 2 units, total -138 n.;
— average consumption of 14.3 liters per 100 km;
— speed up to 130 km / h

Track carrier DT-10P "Knight"
Transport 10-ton 2-zvenchaty articulated terrain vehicle "Knight" is intended to work in the languid criteria for the Far East, Siberia and the Last of the North. It is specifically designed to do the work on the ground with low bearing capacity. Operating Temperature — (-50) — (+40) degrees. ATVs first developed in the 70s of the last century, and since 1977, are used in civilian areas of life. DT-10 "Vityaz" in the class referred to as a multi-purpose articulated greyhound conveyors that connect within themselves a good load capacity, higher throughput and great speed in the languid movement of criteria.

Self-terrain vehicle is designed
as a two-jointed welded hermetic housing (link). Front building (first link):
— cabin, accommodating up to 7 person crew;
— Autonomous heating system;
— independent ventilation;
— MTO;
— bodybuilder office, covered awning;
Second case (second link):
— body, covered with an awning or a platform for the assembly of mounting a variety of equipment.

DT-10P "Vityaz" is available in several versions, it is possible to use the loading platforms instead of bodies. ATV engine — a 4-stroke multi-fuel diesel engine with liquid cooling. To start the engine use electronic starter, fed with a battery and 24V pnevmopusk from compressed air cylinders. Forced thermal siphon the oil circulation and cooling water heating system with a combined allow the engine to run at -50 degrees. In some cases, on the DT-10P "Knight" set Diesel 840 "JAMZ" or engines «Cummins». The conveyor uses hydromechanical box and hydrodynamic single-stage transformer. Box — 4 high-speed performance with a lockable differential. Brakes — tape floating type with pneumatic drive and backup drive mechanical type brakes for the first link. Pivotally coupling provides a five-foot vertical machine overcoming obstacles to move the pit width of 4 meters and provides good traction with the ground track.
The designers suggest using the machine DT-10 "Vityaz" for emergency, life-saving and critical works in a variety of criteria climate and transportation.

The main features:
— weight of 21.5 tonnes;
— the required load — 10 tons;
— crew of up to 7 people;
— load length of less than 6 meters;
— properties of engine power — 710 hp;
— speed land / water — 37/6 km / h;
— clearance — 35 cm;
— distance of 500 km deeds;

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