Tests strategist

On the days of the nuclear submarine "Yuri Dolgoruky"Came back with one more step, industrial test run successfully endure one more test certificate. Ship executed program from the tests showed excellent handling properties and stable operation of all ship systems.

In the campaign was the role of the representatives of the designer and the counterparty organizations. Now before commissioning team and the crew of nuclear submarine is in the task rather short time to prepare for the next exit to the sea, which is scheduled for September.

"Yury Dolgoruky" has yet to fill the ranks of combat nuclear-powered ships of the Navy and become a "founder" of a series of submarines of Project 955. Specifically, these ships have to make a base of naval strategic nuclear forces of Russia after will be withdrawn from the fleet carriers now active duty submarine project 941 and 667 MDD and bdrm. And while the "strategist" 4th Generation examines the sea. And, as demonstrated by the first tests of this year, successfully. The other day out in the sea of personnel under the command of Captain 1st Rank Vladimir Width training tasks already performed, during which test the readiness of the crew to the next step of principle — state tests. "Factory driving tests coming to end with a step, — says Vladimir. — Of course, not everything goes smoothly, but the most important thing — the factory acceptance testing team and the crew is the realization of a common goal, each striving to bring the highest benefit, so ship as quickly as possible was put into the combat system. " The coherence of the military and shipbuilders confirms and chief builder of production of military equipment, "Sevmash" Vladimir Prokofiev. Deficiencies and comments, identified by the sea, ctarayutsya promptly corrected on the shore. And the ship leaves again on the 'exam'.

Not the easiest destiny was at the "Yury Dolgoruky" on the stocks. It was founded in the most difficult for a country the 1990s, but all the same, despite the difficulties in financing, shipbuilders, "Sevmash" were able to finish its construction. Arriving in Severodvinsk in 2006, submariners, who currently serve on submarines, took an active role in bringing the ship out of the shop and mooring trials. A previously formed on the directive of the Head of Staff of the Navy and in accordance with the directive of the Minister of Defense first and second crews have been trained in the training center near St. Petersburg. Submariners quite obsessed with theoretical knowledge. Days of the formation of crews nuclear submarine "Yury Dolgoruky" is considered to be 1 September 2003.

"Today, all of the Navy does not look better professionals submarine ship for the last generation than those that are on the submarine" Yuri Dolgoruky, — Says the captain V. Shirin. — During the test, the team adopts experience in factory workers, command-Fri, battle stations. When the ship will join the Navy, our duty to ensure trouble-free operation of the submarine, tools and equipment. " It seems that this task is the personnel, "Yury Dolgoruky" on the back. Crew more youthful. But as they say, in his youth has only one drawback — the lack of experience. And his team is under the control of VV Width is rapidly gaining.

"In the sea is lapping the crew, because only in extreme conditions appear character and cohesion of the personnel of the submarine", — said the commander of radio battle of Valery Shinkorenko. Despite the youth behind him at Valery more than a year in the Navy: had served in the nuclear submarine "Bryansk", "Verhoturie", "Yekaterinburg", "Tula", submarines project bdrm … The head submarine of Project 955 — a new turn in his life, in fact, like an experienced seaman Victor Zelenskogo. Specifically, "Yury Dolgoruky" Viktor Ivanovich returned to the life of the submariner. More than 20 years in. Zelenskiy gave Navy (served on "beeches", "RT", four years gave the first nuclear — the famous submarine "Leninsky Komsomol"). But a couple of years back retired from the Navy and decided to breathe free air civilian life. But the sea air was left. And now it is again a military officer, again in the elite Navy. By the way, one of the last out to sea on operational tests and clear actions Zelenskogo B. and B. Shinkorenko were marked command. Specifically, such structure Crew — the fusion of youth and experience — should output in the sea missile head, teach him to "walk" and do the first combat tasks. The guys are confident in the successful completion of all tests, and this belief assigns a team strength. We divers have tremendous desire to serve the Russian Federation on a new ship with a proud naming "Yury Dolgoruky".

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