Tests to be successful unmanned helicopter

By order of sea border on the Black Sea were conducted tests unmanned helicopter complex. This was told in the press service of "Horizon" Central Navy Portal.

In the area of Novorossiysk October 26, 2011 at a border patrol ship (PSKR) "Ruby" Project 22460 which made takeoff and landing unmanned aerial vehicle, helicopter "Horizon Air" S-100 of "Shibel" (Austria). License for the creation of this aircraft purchased Rostov company "Horizon. "

Apart from working out take-off and landing on PSKR "Ruby", employees of "Horizon", together with marine border guards have been tested the ability of the helicopter. That is checked on-board equipment on the ability detect, track and identify emergent high-speed low-key goal of "galley" is maneuvered at a speed of 24 knots. During the test, the claimed properties of the complex proved an unmanned helicopter. The test results are to be successful.

"Horizon Eyre "perceive to supply the Coast Guard of the Federal Border Guard Service and will be used to shore bases and ships with a border of" Hunter. "So Makar, border guards will be the first who will operate the UAV from ships. Use such complexes Navy of the Russian Federation does not plan to.

Unmanned helicopter licensed to run on "Horizont". Company practiced in the manufacture of marine navigation radar and coastal surveillance radar complex, LCD monitors, controls those. means ships, functional consoles and more. Now, specially equipped assembly shop, certified by "Shibel" allows you to immediately create a "screwdriver" (from kits supplied by the developer company) assembly 6 helicopters, drones. But with an increase in orders for these devices is likely complete localization of production.

On this day, according to the developers, the LHC (unmanned aviation facility) "Horizon Air" S-100 can make taking off and landing in the automatic mode, make flight duration 6:00 having on board a 25 kg payload. In addition apparatus can be operated in manual (ground operator manual) and automatic (via the signal receiver GPS) modes. Also, "Horizon Air" is able to create a helicopter landing on the ship's deck without the use of additional. planting equipment.

Unmanned helicopter "Horizon Air" S-100 can be used for reconnaissance and surveillance, target search and the upcoming tracking, target acquisition, aerial photography, air strikes on targets. In addition the function may make communication relay station. Flights can take place over sea and land surfaces during the day or night.

Tactical and technical characteristics:

motor power — 55 hp;
dimensions: length — 3,09 m, height — 1,04 m, rotor diameter — 3.4 meters;
the greatest take-off weight — empty 200 kg (110.2 kg — empty);
cruising speed — 100 km / h (max 220 km / h);
altitude — 5,5 thousand meters
the radius of the act — 150 km.

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