Tests UAV: against whom is arming China?

According to the British weekly newspaper The Sunday Times, China successfully passed tests UAV, which is able to remain in orbit up to 270 days and solve various tasks related to defense, for example, the destruction of enemy communications satellites.

The creation of this ridiculous airplane robot Chinese are planning to challenge the U.S. and its unmanned orbiters B-37B. Details of these devices are kept in the strictest confidence, but it is clear that both can Missile to at least some part of the world, and to eliminate such apparatus from the surface of the earth is not real.

Reports of tests UAV has been a demanding proof objectives of China compete with the United States, but after the broadcast on Chinese television censors have removed the story from all controlled websites, and the forthcoming exposure in the media event not received. Maybe at the top event found early because the message was the only one.

Development of the orbiter carried out to oust the United States from the Asian region, ahead of them in the arms race. It is planned to rob the Yankees allies in military and space industry in the face of the Land of the Rising Sun and South Korea.

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