Thai chef can no consequences to dip hands in boiling oil


Kang Chang Three virtuoso chef from Chiang Mai (Thailand). It can make you an excellent chicken-fried so that you lick your fingers.

And while the three-chan might surprise you a unique focus. Lower the right hand in the dish with boiling oil. And on the skin it will not remain a single, even lung burn.

50-year-old Thai similar effects can not pull out a ready meal, grabbing pasted pan without oven gloves and mittens. He will not have a single blister or redness.

At the time, Kahn was in the Guinness Book of Records for having pulled out of the heated up to 480 degrees oil 20 chicken breasts for 1 minute. Kahn first discovered his unique talent seven years ago with the amazing circumstances. Rodent with a mango tree dropped right in standing under a tree vessel full of boiling oil, fresh fruit. The red-hot grease flew in all directions, getting on the face and hands of the man. And, to my surprise, he then did not find at any burns.




"Now I can fry vegetables or rice in a pan directly with your bare hands," says Kahn.

His tricks Three Chan soon gained worldwide fame and tourists arriving in Chiang Mai, try not to miss the moment to visit the stall Three Chan, where he prepares food for sale. People love it and they do not cease to surprise his ability, disbelief and buy him a chicken just to see how he pulls out his bare hands from the boiling oil.

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