The aliens are hiding behind the comet Elenin?


Argentine astronomer and expert on extraterrestrial life forms suggested that the comet Elenin, which is at perigee in September will come to Earth, "drive up" to her alien civilization. Some argue that a scientist with 40 years experience "bought" on April Fool's joke, and others that the comet does behave strangely and its plume moving clusters.


Comet Elenin and is regarded by many as a kind of Planet X, which will cause natural disasters on Earth. Perhaps not coincidentally, the United States planned first test of its national alert system to the end of September?

Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) was discovered by Leonid Elenin, the Institute of Applied Mathematics, Keldysh, December 10, 2010 in pictures automated observatory ISON-NM (New Mexico, USA). The estimated size of the nucleus of Comet Elenin is three to four kilometers, and the size of the coma (plume) of about 900,000 kilometers. However, according to the observations of astronomers, it has some not peculiar to these characteristics of the heavenly bodies, so it does not die down around the debate and put forward a bold assumption.

So, Sergio Toscano, director of the Astronomical Research Center in Amea province, Argentina, on April 29 at the conference said that the comet "lucky" with an extraterrestrial body. "In a loop of the comet can be seen that the scientists call a cluster, or a union of several homogeneous elements, the object — it's either psevdokometa or perhaps an alien ship" — quoted the scientist Misiones Online. A scientist with 40 years of experience, according to the newspaper, referred to the published data of the National Space Agency of China, which is monitoring the comet in collaboration with the new program director of NASA's Space Biology Rosie Redfield.

After the publication of "sensation" in the Spanish-language press under the high-sounding titles like "Aliens come to Earth in September," on the NASA site, it was reported that "the news about what the Chinese say, was just a joke one English-language publication in the April Fools' Day." Indeed such publication was April 1, but it touches a very different event. Quoted in the article was about the signals from some UFO near Saturn, recorded radio telescope, which allegedly transferred the DNA code. This discovery made a Chinese scholar, who confirmed that the "90-day objects that transmit signals increased in size."

Toscano in response to NASA confirmed that the conference read this message, but it had nothing to do with the comet Elenin, and accused journalists of distorting his words. "I am in no way talking about the alien ships, but the UFO, and the ships have come up media resources," — said Toscano. According to Toscano, NASA itself has already convinced that the comet Elenin is not behaving like a normal comet. "They realized that something does not add up, and the first thing we did — it removed its web page, where he wrote about the phenomenon," — said the scientist, not to be explained about the April Fools' Day. "And that, indeed, they have April 1 — April Fool's Day?" — Asked Toscano (in Argentina celebrate this day December 28), indirectly confirming that the message received for the truth of the mysterious UFO near Saturn.

What is the unusual nature of the comet? Observations of the Spanish Observatory astronomers Nazaret (Canary Islands) show that its orbit is constantly changing characteristics and in just two days in April, the diameter of the body has increased by more than 30 percent, and estimates of its size increased to 8-17 kilometers. Also, the pictures are really two clusters detected in the movement, and the scientists have concluded that this is due to the volatility of the comet's orbit.

According to the latest data at the disposal of Toscano, a comet or what it hides, held September 10 at 60 thousand kilometers from Earth, at a distance of up to five times smaller than the distance to the Moon. The scientist asks, "Why Russian build five thousand fallout shelters?" "They do not want this or any other comet grabbed them by surprise — says Toscano. — Does anyone of you have wondered, are we alone in the universe, with more than a hundred billion galaxies, and so many stars and planets? And if tomorrow you will say, yes, you have brothers in mind at a distance of 11 light years, that someone freepoint heart attack and die, because there are intelligent beings and they can affect something? Or this news will destroy our religion? No, even the Vatican recognizes extraterrestrial intelligence. "

Comet Elenin is being discussed not only in terms of the presence there of the clusters, but also that, whether it is the very Planet X, or Niebuhr, which will bring a planetary catastrophe of the Earth. According to astronomical calculations (as well as historical chronicles), Nibiru returns to the Sun every 3500 years. Given the large scale of the gravitational and electromagnetic effects reported in previous parades planets (when the comet came in line with the axis of the Earth and the Sun), one might ask, is this really the body of a comet? The Americans planned a first test of its national system of emergency warning at the end of September. Accident? Toscano suggests that there is no, and expressly calls the culprit — a comet Elenin, which is getting closer and closer to Earth.

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