The aliens arrive in September


Argentine scientist Sergio Toscano, director of the Center for Astronomical Research in the province of Misiones, made a very bold statement. He argues that the comet Elenin — it's nothing more than a means of transportation of aliens.

The scientist is convinced that earthlings will be guided through the representatives of extraterrestrial intelligence. And he predicted, the aliens have been visiting our planet this year — or rather, the tenth of September, write "News seven days a week."

And NASA officials report Toscano took quite seriously, although it was published the first of April. He led them to believe that April Fools' Day in Argentina falls on December 28.

Comet, which says Argentine astronomer, was discovered by Russian scientist Leonid Elenin. At the moment it is 60 million miles from Earth, it is about five times farther than the moon, said Metro Russia.

But the famous cosmonaut Georgy Grechko, who visited three times in the orbit, I'm sure that the aliens arrive on Earth December 23, 2013. They either continue the calendar that gave the Mayan, or arrange a flood, as it did with the five previous civilizations.

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