The Art of contention

One of the main characteristics of the moral health of a civilization is the attitude of civilization itself to the cultural heritage, traditions and its history. In this case, the manipulation of this attitude can lead to very confusing results. Open manipulation of such things as public culture and national identity — this is the real weapon, which is now extensively used by people intrigued.

Our homeland is now experiencing the psevdokulturny for a powerful punch, which operates under the well-known expression "divide and rule". The separation principle is merit objectives damage spiritual and moral view of entire peoples. The meaning of this is quite simple: to cultural sites, disk imaging in the media, in education, in religious circles pops up some topic that narrow circle of people pass off as an unquestioned positive, to which society should aspire. Go with these people trying to show that it is, they say, and there is a brand new culture, capable of performing engine development. What there Dostoevsky with his Russian philosophy, what there Repin with his direct reflection of the Russian reality as Shostakovich and his monumental music? We are now trying to insinuate that all of these people, whom we call the classical Russian culture, just dead, dead as their art… This is a trivial challenge for society, which up to now could not recover from the effects of anticultural revolution that took place in our country in the early 90's.

Over the years, managed to grow a generation of people who are "popular" explained to that art and culture — is not the same as when the master is doing work that can cause a person to reflect on the meaning of life, on his place in this world is over, which it moral views, and that can cause some mixture of emotions from amazement to complete disgust. Now, if a person from the 1st of contemplation pictures or watching the show going to be sick — that is, you know, yeah! But even this is not the saddest. Even sadder is what it is, so to speak, the art of trying to put as a substitute for all that is truly Russian art in fact is.

This leads to a very unusual results: in the world today "well aware" that the RF there is only one musical group, whose work is worthy of attention, and this team — not a symphony orchestra or choir Pyatnitskiy Mariinsky Theatre, and the group Pussy Riot, the lyrics of which no one has read in principle. And what to read? — Believe fans of this art — the main thing that all girls can show their causal places to dance in the temple, to have sex in a museum, exclaim good mate, breaking the string. That, they say, is the true art Russia. And there is not a Gergiev …

And it is the same girl and happy. They say, look, we know how! And here you are, you know, with their "rotten" ideas about culture so will not be able to influence the masses. We won in jail several times expressed, so now all the western stars at once said: the future of Russia …

And it is in Russia itself there are people who also believe that the Russian Federation is now exactly such a future. Copulated females, who happen to have the art to the masses — it's our future?

The most unusual thing is that the "singer" in fact convinced that they have created for the Russian Federation is a huge deal. And while the "prisoner of conscience" consider themselves the bearers of modern Russian culture and fighters for the plain truth, there is formed a barrier. On one side — sympathetic, on the other side — indignant. The barrier between people grows, acquires Stitching wire, becoming invincible obstacle to consolidation. And if there is a barrier means someone quietly rubbing his hands with delight — the goal-that social division is made, the grain sown discord, schism manifests for themselves "in all its glory."

At this time last coming on cultural base of the Russian Federation from other directions. Some people, as you see, I do not like the sign of Volgograd, because he "does not allow foreigners to feel like a small town on the Volga comfortable." It turns out that the statue "The Motherland Calls!" Should be changed to "more positive" sign, that foreigners who come to the city-hero did not experience spiritual agony … Someone chops Orthodox icons and names it a new release from some of the shackles beset society. Someone satisfied "concert" with the burning of books Russian classics, since these books were brought up all the "Soviet tyrants," and means the book can grow despotism in Russia. And some, such as Anatoly Chubais at the time, to allow yourself the following expression:

"I read all of Dostoevsky, and now this man did not feel anything, except the physical hatred. When I see his books thought that the Russian people — special people, chosen by God, I hunt to tear him to pieces. "

"I believe that in the history of the Russian people a little, which inflicted such deep ideological scale harm to the country, as Dostoevsky."

What is this? The desire to express yourself? The desire to stand out "from the grayish mass"? Or part of a provocative destructive propaganda, which has its own purpose or divide people, as currently accepted to be expressed, potrollit mass. Like, we did, and then you break the spear, Griz friend other, build your own barrier even higher and higher and higher … With the state that divided, and now we have to state specifically that fact, handle-it is much easier.

It turns out that all this anti-cultural cesspool of a puzzle of the ordinary — start mechanism, which is not too far in one the most beautiful moment just split Russia. After all, to lead to a split in society, you need much less cost and effort than for the recovery and consolidation. To play off of people, sometimes quite make and publish a "work of art", which, for example, images of the saints are presented in a form which in the believer is the truest disgust to the creators of these "paintings". To play off of people are shot films where the story misinterpret the most blasphemous manner. The museums without any age limit imposed installations in which viewers are presented a scene or sexual acts, or other vulgarities, not only beyond the bounds of morality, and obviously subject to a number of criminal charges.

People looking at it all, spit, discussions are, climb friend other almost with his fists, sprinkle with saliva, hear clicks "hands off artists", the country continues to shudder … Some criticize others criticize those who criticize … The Art of contention is the newest medium — what needs to be behind the scenes players … At the same time any attempt to pull the plug dominance frankly provocative materials, people bleed together, stubbornly issued as an attempt to suppress freedom of speech. But what is freedom of speech? What is freedom of expression? Maybe this picture scenes of homosexual intercourse, which later "artist" explained as an attempt to draw attention to the infringement of the rights of Russian minorities sexy … And maybe, free speech — is to write a word of 3 letters on the wall of an Orthodox church, and later claim that is some artistic image which Tipo offers some deep-seated sense …

In fact, all this can be called an example of burning traditional art, which is one of the spiritual foundations of. Apparently, someone really hunt to this base went into oblivion to make room for hatred and intolerance against the Russians to each

I would not want to give the information field to demonstrate the destructive works, but as the saying goes, the enemy must know in person to be able to withstand it, and so are publishing a series of "masterpieces" that "shook the world".

Monkeys with orders. Exhibition of contemporary art Marat Gelman

For reference: M. Gelman manages the project "United RF"Under the title" Cultural Alliance ", is also a member of the Urban Council Fund" Skolkovo "

The canvas art critic Andrei Erofeev

The work of PG (corrected text explicit content from the "IN")

The "PG" posters from the series "Glory to the Russian Federation". 2005

For reference, the group's work exhibited in GHG State Tretyakov Gallery

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