The biggest breasts in the world


Today, the very busty woman on earth is a 14-year-old Chinese girl Ting Hiafen, from the village of Chang. Her breasts weigh 10 kg each, hang on, and are spaced 48 cm from the edge of 30 cm According to Ting, nothing in life gives her such inconveniences as it superogromnye ladies' charms.



The point is not that the girl has to order his bras at a local company, making underwear, and not even the fact that the Chinese beauty can sleep only on my back. The fact that girls avoid contact with it, considering it "awkward ugly", and quite frankly boys giggle, build offensive antics are called "cash cow", according to «Orgasm-news». So try to understand these women: small breasts — the trouble is, large breasts — still a big problem, but a normal bust — "lack of flavor".

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