The candidate refused to vote Statkevich

Statkevich told us that he will not personally take part in the vote in the presidential elections:

"This is not only a position of principle, there is also a technical component. Think the country will survive if I will not vote, but apparently it will be worse, if I'm not on the square. Organize an operation on my ballot with security — not worth it. All the more so, that there is a second component — we are know how to elections are held. I do not advise others to follow my example, even though at least think where to put your newsletter, break, destroy, and then the work. I already have long appreciated — it is an imitation of elections, Puppet Show. seen enough. Those who had hoped for some liberalization, a second round, I think they are severely mistaken. We have no other choice but to get them to democracy. And one tool — Area ".



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