The consequences of storms and hurricanes in Penza

Tuesday, July 26, in the afternoon, according was torrential rain and strong gusts of wind in Penza.

As a result, elements of the store roof collapsed in the street Kizhevatova, which is located in the shopping pavilion at the "horizon." Victims and victims do not. Besides all this, the strongest wind knocked a few trees, and one of them fell on the car "Volga", which stands at the premises of the business incubator on Gagarin Street, 16.

Throughout the city were out of power, as seen cliffs lines. It is known that there is still not working, some traffic lights and gas stations.

According to BBC News, the effects of the hurricane in the city of Penza promise to clean up after day.

Squally wind and rain on the eve of not only left without electricity to some areas, but also caused great material damage. As is known, the regional center and the surrounding area toppled trees and collapsed roofs.

Binge hurricane was not long. In some areas of the city element lasted just over an hour. But the wind and driving rain had make balls of. For example in the street Kizhevatova with shopping pavilion that opposite the former cinema "Horizon", blown away. Iron sheets have fallen straight to the bus stop. There were no casualties, as people took shelter from the rain under a canopy. Owners outlet reported that the repair will take several days. No luck as several motorists Penza: their car roofs falling leaves, branches and poles. Knocked out windows in several homes.
Element felled trees. The light turned off for a short time and, basically, it was a street lighting. Utilities also say that in a crash, and see the positive side: most of the broken trees still had to file away.

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