The detained activists of the Russian Defense and the Young Front

The police officers broke into the apartment, which rents the leader of the "Young Front" Dashkevich. There were two citizens of Russia, and two — Belarus. The police detained three — activist of "Young Front" Dmitry Yasevich and two activists of the anti-fascist youth organization "Defence" and journalists of the magazine "National control" of Dmitry Ivanov Maksim Petrovich.

The Russians explained that they had come from Moscow on the day. The police said that they need to check whether these Russians train tickets. They explained that they are fighting against illegal migrants. Dmitry Yasevich came to the police department Condo district with the Russians, because he had no passport.

Zmitser Dashkevich zastseragavsya detained and removed on days another apartment. But he was arrested as soon as he came out of the house.

At the moment, the location of the leader "Young Front"Unknown. Frunze The police district of Minsk ally Dmitry say the guy did not see. At the request to find out who owns the car, which was abandoned in the Young, the police chief said that the numbers on the computer, "not their way."

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