The era of the Fox, an era of the Wolf

Slavs since the pre-Christian era has its own calendar periods, this "calendar Christmas Carols." In 2012, according to the calendar comes to an end the era of Fox Carols — the era of lies (as the fox is associated with concepts such as lying, cunning, deceit). The patron of the Fox era — the goddess of death Morena. Then the era of the Wolf, his sponsor — the god Veles. Wolf — cleaner, it is even called orderly forest. And the arrival of this era is associated with the purification of the world. According to the beliefs of the Slavs, the world, as well as the forest is cleared rain. Therefore, most likely, we expect floods and floods, but they will not be in the nature of a global catastrophe.

And here is an excerpt from the "Book of Veles": "Again and again came the great cold. And many are saying that it is not necessary to refer to gender, since there is no sedation ognischanam. We will de better themselves in the woods or in the mountains dwell. And those words were spoken cousins. And very angry and began lyutovat solutions because God Svarog (to Svarog we shall return). And the punishment prepared for the great, and confusion mountains. And the Slavs in the night awake because of the great thunder and shake the earth. And they hear that the horses neighing in the mountains. And fear has seized ran into the crowd, and ran out of the town, and left the sheep. In the morning, saw the destroyed houses, some rearing, others collapse, and some in the hole in the ground of the great lost, so that not a trace, as if they were not. And languish Slavs, and had nothing with which to feed themselves. And told her father Jarun: "Take us out of here." First was the Slavic race in the mountains a great and high. There we plowed the land and take care of the sheep, and the withdrawal of sheep grazing in the grass. And once people have been awakened, because the horses whinnied loudly beneath the clouds. And we heard it, and fear overcome us, and we were afraid that we can not protect themselves.

And then there was a great pestilence and famine. And we went out of the province Yin, and went into the wide world. And the same thing our ancestors evolved. And because his father was taken away in Yar Russian Land, for staying, have undergone a lot of early frosts. And then we have come to this place and settled ognischanami on Russian soil. And so we were two hundred thousand thousand (20 000 years). And much we knew and made pottery vessels in the centers, and good tilled earth, and know how to raise cattle, as our fathers … and we came to a cruel fate. And they were us and we were forced to take refuge in the woods, and we lived there hunters and anglers. And there we were able to avoid the threat. So we went through a dark (10 000 years) and began ognischanskie castles and villages to put everywhere. After another great darkness was cold, and we went to the south, because it places cereal. " But "his relics do wonders …" — that's the only thing that could be objected to this.
Slavs, as always, trying to shield from the test. Not a very good approach and attitude, not least because the Slavs exist on this earth, not in a separate space — they are part of the world of civilization. Slavs have to "sip" in full and in 2012, when the tests will cover the whole world, without dividing the latter into continents, countries and races. Atlantis is not they, after all: "In the course of many generations, until exhausted nature inherited from God, the rulers of Atlantis obey the laws and live in friendship with the divine akin to them: they blyuli true and all the great system of thought, were due to unavoidable determining the fate and each other with a reasonable tolerance, despising everything but virtue, bid defiance to the richness and easily revered almost a disappointing burden piles of gold and other treasures. They do not got drunk on a luxury not to lose self-control and common sense under the influence of wealth, but by keeping sober mind, clearly saw that and all it has to increase its common consent in connection with a virtue, but when it becomes a matter of concern and is honor, it also turns to dust, and with it dies and virtue. While they are well reasoned, and the divine nature kept them in his power, all their wealth … growing. But when inherited from God share weakened by repeatedly dissolving in mortal admixture, and the human nature prevailed, then they were not able to pass on their wealth and lost their decency. For someone who is able to see, they were a shameful spectacle, because squandered the most beautiful of its values, but unable to see what is the happy life, they seemed more beautiful and happier just like the time when they boiled unbridled greed and power. And Zeus, the God of gods, blyuduschy laws … ". It's all about civilization, the history of which was interrupted by the first global "parade of planets" that destroyed everything — the amazing relationship between people and cultures, and faith in the power of law. Slavs "chosen" not the best area to stay here all — and the mountains, threatening earthquakes, and the sea, threatening floods and harsh climate — severe winters and short summer months. All this can not "contribute" to what the consequences of the 2012 will respond to the Slavs over tragedy.
Go back to Svarog. As it turned out, he also has a direct relationship by 2012.
Precession — it is a slow movement of the axis of a rotating body (in this case — the world) so that it ends (at the earth — pole) slowly turned in a circle, like turning the spinning top, if it is tilted away from the vertical. The angle of inclination of the axis of the vertical line in any position precessional shift the same. Earth's axis precession rate is very slow — 1 degree for every 71.6 years. A full circle of the pole will be for 25 776 years (360 x 71.6). But except for a slow rotation on a cone, the Earth's axis makes one more movement — nutation, which means changing the angle of inclination to the vertical — from 22.1 degrees (minimum) to 24.5 degrees (maximum). Let me remind you, now it is set to 23 degrees, 27 minutes and continues to grow. So, as a result of the precession of the Earth's axis full turn makes for 25,776 years.
However, in the Vedic religion is not 360 multiplied by 71.6 (the number of years over which the earth's axis shifted by 1 degree), and 72, and I get time — 25,920 years. Number 72 is found in many ancient religions. This 72 conspirator in the myth of Osiris, and 72 is the thread used to make belts Iranian ministers of faith, etc. Information precessional shift, other astronomical knowledge is found in the myths of many peoples. Large circle of Svarog detected in the "about 26 thousand years." Svarog circle is divided into 12 periods, each of which is equal to 2160 years.
In 2012 the era of Christianity (Age of Pisces), which corresponds to the month of Slavic calendars lute, and the age corresponding to the month Bereznev. In 2012, closes cool Svarog Svarog and starts a new colony. Ancient Slavic calendar is based on the hexadecimal form and long periods of time, called Svarog Circle, in each of which the Sun passes successively all 16 halls of 180 circles of life. This is the day of Svarog. (By the way, 180 x 144 laps life summer = 25 920 years — it is a known period of our solar system, the sun Yarily around the center of our galaxy.) Circle of Life contains 144 summer. Summer — three seasons: fall, winter and spring — is a summer (hence the Russian language concepts: chronicle, calendar, how old are you? Etc.). Summer — 9 months, a month — 41 or 40 days (depending on the odd or even) a day — 16 hours, the hour of the -144, Part — 1296 shares, share — 72 moments, a moment — 760 jiffies moment — 160 whitefish (hence the Russian language "siganut", ie, to move quickly), whitefish — 14,000 Santigie. This accuracy is unattainable even by modern atomic chronometers.
Svarog new day began before the time of call-Yarily Sun equinox — a very simple and clear. In the past (when there was widespread use of hours) the new day began at sunset. The term "day" there was a little more than 110,000 years ago. The word "day" is only in the Slavic languages. Neither the English nor the French, nor German, nor in the other languages of the word no. But etymology is simple: to weave, butt — that is, to combine together. "O" — "y" — transitional vowels. That is day — woven, stacked together day and night. Now day starts at night when everyone is asleep. But even if he had not slept all the same to fix the beginning of the new day is not possible, since there is at this moment there is nothing on the horizon. Week consisted of nine days: Monday, Tuesday, triteynik, Thursday, Friday, shestitsa, sedmitsa, osmitsa weeks. Remember the phrase of no fixed "historians" of fairy tales, "and the first sedmitsu he went to the Capital City" ("Horse — Horse"), "this is really osmitsa a week later came" ("Stone Bowl"). All months began in strictly certain days. For example, if the first month of the year begins on Tuesday, and all the other odd months will begin on Tuesday, and even — in the Week. So the calendar, which we now carry with them and which contains twelve different labels-months earlier contained only two plates — one for odd-numbered months, the other — even. All the years of "krugoleta chisloboga" always started in strictly certain days.
Many elements of the Slavic calendar survived in the form of sayings and customs, the origins of which, unfortunately, is forgotten. For example, the great Trizna, that is the commemoration of a deceased relative, is accomplished in a week (nine days), "and is still" in a month (40 days), "that is, on the ninth and fortieth day. Seven months nurturing mother child in her womb, and forty times forty (forty months) then feeds him breast milk. A forty times forty (or four summer and four months) after the first birth in women, a period of life improvement, as a result it becomes Veda mother, or a witch. After 369 weeks of the birth of the person begins the period of his spiritual training, for nine years, is a great first introduction to the ancient wisdom of the gods and ancestors. When the children of Slavic birth was performed for twelve years (108 months), and they reached the seven growth genius (124 cm), for children beginning of a new phase in life. In the 108 months (or twelve) comes majority of man, and he is rite "of age" and "naming", and then the boys start to train tribal crafts and martial art. And after 108 months, ie in the 24th summer, he, taking the spiritual blessing of the sacred fire, learns the true meaning of being a kind and a true value of family estate. In the 33rd Summer is time of spiritual development. And in 369 months or 41 summer starts the era of spiritual enlightenment.
A girl could get married only after 16 years or 144 months, which is a single circle krugoleta. Until then, it's West — know "news" that is taught housekeeping, child care, needlework, and at sixteen years old — complete vestovat and becomes a bride.
Widespread use of the ancient Slavic calendar ended when Peter I introduced a foreign calendar. Accordingly modern calendar was complicated for the sake of political interests. Week shortened to seven days to please devotees of the cult of the moon. The number of months in a year has increased, and their names have changed. Now, if we use a modern calendar, it is wise to use it only for the events of the last three hundred years. A more ancient events, for a clear understanding of their nature, should be dated in the system of chronology, which was used until 1700. You may be a misinterpretation of our chronicles, culture, traditions and customs.

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