The Fighter was released on the final straight

The company "Sukhoi" absolutely graduated preliminary ground and flight operation by programmke promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA), also known as fighter 5th generation.

When working used all three experienced a reference, which were bench strength tests, ground tests of fuel systems, etc. The airfield swatch made 16 flights.

Brand new combat vehicle "Dry" on June 17 made a demo flight, followed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who visited the LII. Gromov in Zhukovsky near Moscow.

First ascent into the air PAK FA (T-50) made 29 January at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur. Acceptance tests of the flight reference were quite completed at the end of March. On April 8, a military transport aircraft of Russian Air Force Antonov An-124 "Ruslan" first flight model PAK FA, also complete land shield, which is carried out testing of equipment and systems to provide flight test applets, transported to the terrain base Sukhoi Design Bureau in Zhukovsky.

At the end of the work to create a fighter of the 5th generation requires an additional 30 billion rubles.

Russian Defense Ministry is planning the first step (since 2016) to purchase more than 50 of these cars that cost should be 2.5-3 times cheaper zabugornyh counterparts.

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