The Fukushima registered with the maximum level of radiation after the accident

The level of radioactive iodine-131 in the coastal waters of Japan, 300 meters from the nuclear power plant emergency, "Fukushima-1" exceeds the norm by 4385 times, reported today the company is the operator of the station, "Tokyo Electric Power Company." This is the largest concentration of iodine-131 from the disaster caused by the earthquake and tsunami on March 11.
Last Saturday in the nuclear level of iodine-131 exceeded the norm by 1250 times, and on Sunday — once in 1850, "Interfax".
Experts still can not tell the exact cause a dangerous rise in the concentration of iodine-131, half-life is eight days. However, suggest that this is due to the continued leakage of radioactive water from the reactors. At the bottom of the turbine halls and the drainage outlets close to buildings of the 1st and 2nd units continue to have a significant amount of the accumulated water. In the most dangerous second power level of radiation exceeds a 1,000 millisieverts per hour. This is four times the annual rate of irradiation, which the participants of the current emergency operations at the plant "Fukushima-1" allowed to get in a year. Extremely high levels of radiation does not allow to continue active work at the station, according to ITAR-TASS.
Meanwhile, Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan called for the complete rejection of the further exploitation of the reactor plant "Fukushima-1". This position was announced at a meeting with the chairman of the Communist Party of Japan Kazuo Seay. The Prime Minister acknowledged that "the use of reactors must be abandoned" and vowed to "start fresh revision of previously approved by the authorities of the country of nuclear energy development plans, which envisaged operational by 2030, more than 14 nuclear reactors." According to experts, the dismantling of the reactor nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1" in terms of take up to three decades, and will cost the Tokyo power company in the amount of at least 1 trillion yen (over $ 12 billion).


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