The history of casino: from ancient Greece to the Indian casinos in the U.S.

Now the status of the casino in the country fell somewhat, but it does not mean that the least number of people in Russia are ready to indulge in a true gamble. For those who prefer to test their strength in the game of roulette or slot machines is to reveal the history of the casino.

Thus, it is believed that the first casino typically form was still in ancient Greece. Provided enough to allow citizens themselves to the biggest days of prazdnichkom bet on how completed Olympic competition. Certainly, someone utters it more like tote, but and tote, and the traditional casino based on the same principles.

Now the world is more prefer to play at online casinos but There are many fans of the classics of the genre. Traditional casino for the first time in the world to earn in Paris in the late 18th century. With all of this casino is not far served the French passion for gambling, and purely utilitarian things, such as the need to replenish the royal treasury "live" means. Wealthy Parisians often force forced to gamble in order to get more profits for the French treasury. It must be recognized that casino at first it was not too far away are popular entertainment. Of course! When a person is forced against his will to lose their earnings, it does not accept this innovation.

But as the years passed, and the relation to the casino uniformly changed. All more held and not held completely Europeans have tried to promote a Wheel of Fortune.

In the 19th and 20th centuries, interest in casinos has increased, so that the United States had to build even a special play areas, one of which is located in the town of Las Vegas. On the territory of the United States, there are special casino, which is usually called Indian. Before the emergence of the web casinos Indian casinos have used very popular. The fact is that they are located and placed on the ground of Indian reservations that have substantial tax breaks. This allows the casino to grow and to lure new customers. One of the biggest Indian casinos is a California Morongo near the town of Palm Springs. It's not just playing roulette, and have the opportunity to watch the matches Prof. boxers. Namely, in 2008, there took place match between South American boxers Daniel Jacobs and Matt Palmer, in which Jacobs was celebrating his victory.

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