The history of football gear

The evolution of sports odezhki very seriously affects the development of the world of sports. It would seem that in the first place should be considered specifically sports talent, endurance athlete, dedication and a willingness to focus on winning. And the choices of sports equipment can also bring in almost all sporting achievements of a person or the whole team.

If we consider the evolution of soccer gear, then there must be an increased focus on direct football boots. Now football boots can be purchased at any sporting goods store, and before that it was a truly rare shoes. After initially far not all masters of the leather ball had in their own special shoe spikes. The realization that spiked the grassy lawn to run even easier, comes with age.

First shoes appeared since that time. Back in 1526 the British King in the locker room had personal boots. They have not survived to the present day, but the documents mention of Henry VIII's football boots available. At the end of the 19th century in a set of football rules were introduced special rules to regulate the introduction of a football boot in football. Namely, it was said that the studs should be made of leather and not stand out from the plane of the base of this kind of shoes. Compared with modern lightweight football boots football boots 19th century can be considered so clumsy that it becomes very difficult to understand how the players managed to yesteryear controlled the ball. Now lots of boots may be less than 150 grams. With all of this for each of the professional football player produced a special model designed for a specific force of impact, the kind of dribbling and speed on the field.

T-shirts for their history as well endured a number of configurations. First t-shirts were very broad. This could use opponent to catch a football player inconspicuously behind fluttering piece of equipment. Over time, the kind of t-shirts seriously changed. Legislators fully modern fashion t-shirts, which is justified for practical purposes, can be considered Cameroonians. They were the first to use a sleeveless T-shirt (2002), but FIFA forbade use that variant of T-shirts. But Cameroonians did not stop there. They have become use torso tight T-shirts, for which the competitor was hard to catch. Later, the Cameroon team donned overalls that just rattled the control of FIFA. To experiment with the form over, the national team of Cameroon deprived of 6 points in the role of a World Cup qualifier.

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