The history of kitchen utensils

Kitchen crockery — It is a human invention that truly changed our lives for the best. By the way, the introduction of dishes — it's one of those differences that distinguish human beings from the beginning of the animal world. Many animals are also trying to use some sort of tool for making food (monkeys use a stick for that to eat ants), but specifically man, not surprisingly, brought the introduction of special devices for production and consumption of food to perfection.

If we talk about the pot, then it began to appear at the dawn of human civilization. First crockery, of course, is far from today's views, but it helps a person to solve certain culinary challenges. Hollowed out of stone vessels allowed to cook food directly on the watery fire, and wood bowls have allowed to reach portions.

High-quality kitchen tools helps achieve real housewives of culinary heights. Now to an indispensable at least some kitchen utensils pots and pans are stainless steel. Stainless steel saucepan reviews about which you can find on the website, can be purchased by all applicable rates.

In the coming crockery with improved man. Began to appear first iron utensils. One of the first iron table device has a knife. Of course, do not think that the ancient people used it as a pair to the fork to cut small pieces of cultural food and send it to the mouth. The knife was needed to cut the carcasses into pieces, which were later battered community representatives.

One of the oldest dining devices other than a spoon knife. First spoons were machined from a stone. After man learned how to bake the clay began to appear first clay spoon. At that time the population of the earth was to use the likes of modern dishes, vessels for storing water and other liquids. Great skill in the manufacture of tableware and devices have gained the ancient Egyptians. They cut cutlery made of ivory, wood, and stone. Archeologists have so far found such artifacts during excavations of ancient Egyptian settlements. Many cutlery and other kitchen utensils stored in the Egyptian Museum of Cairo, which considered one of the richest in terms of contrast exposure times of the Old Kingdom.

First silver spoons appeared in the 13th century. While such devices cutlery used only nobles. Ordinary Europeans could not allow himself to dine with silverware devices.

The appearance of steel has changed shape and increased durability dishes. Steel can now create a variety of options for kitchen items, from knives and forks to pots and braziers.

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