The history of the creation of the Russian school of martial arts

One of the founders of the Russian school of martial arts is considered Vasily Oshchepkov. Specifically, this man decided first steps to promote judo in Russia, was also one of the ideologists of the creation of the famous Russian martial art — Sambo.

Speaking to Oshchepkova in Russia was not vserasprostranen none of favorite while species Martial Arts, as well as there was Russia's own style. Because Oshchepkova arrival in Russia in 1914, the Land of the Rising Sun, where he studied judo the famous master Jigoro Kano, came in handy. After almost two months after his own arrival Oshchepkov school opens in Vladivostok judo. In the same place in Vladivostok in 1917 and held the first international judo tournament in which students are participating Oshchepkova and students from the Land of the Rising Sun. Perhaps, specifically during this tournament Oshchepkov and decided to go back to Japan again, but now is not the purpose of the study of martial arts, and to spy for the Soviet Union. Formally, he was recruited by Kolchak and worked as an interpreter in the Japanese martial Office of messages, but in fact was a Russian intelligence officer and was one of the most relevant agents operating in the Land of the Rising Sun.

In 1927, the newly Oshchepkov vorachivaetsya in Russia in Novosibirsk and has already organized a circle on the study of self-defense skills for employees of Staff of the Siberian Military neighborhood. Naturally, the original coach and professional organizer could not be seen in the capital. In the same year he was transferred to Moscow, where he begins to conduct two-month course on the study of judo at the Central House of the Red Army (CDKA). Immediately this Oshchepkov for the first time in the USSR produces manuals "Guide to the physical training of the Red Army" and "Exercise of the Red Army." Almost all of these benefits in a designated used for teaching martial arts abilities in Russian army and the police and to the present.

First 30s Oshchepkov began teaching martial arts in the Capital Institute of Physical Education, also at the Sports Palace Aviachim. But in connection with the emerging challenges with health, in 1935, in the section "Aviakhim" he conveys his own most professional student Anatoly Harlampievs. Oshchepkov allegedly had a premonition that he left not so quite a few times and he was right. In October 1937, he was arrested on absurd charges of spying for the land of the rising sun, and almost a few days after his arrest in the cell died of a heart attack.

Through year after death Oshchepkova, Harlampiev based on its method makes the "fight free style", which was later reincarnated and around the famous Sambo. Although specifically Harlampiev officially considered the founder of Sambo, it should be noted that awards Oshchepkova no less. Emphasizing the contribution that submitted Oshchepkov in popularizing martial arts in Russia and the creation of Sambo tournaments are held yearly in his name.

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