The history of the creation of the Russian military aviation

This year marks exactly 100 years since that time, as in Russia, or to be more exact, in Sevastopol was opened first in the world school to train military pilots. In 1912, the school was built for its aviagorodok off the coast of the river Kacha, from which she later won the world famous name — Kachin flight School. In the middle of its graduates twelve air marshals, 359 heroes of the Union and Russian astronauts to 5, but in spite of this difficult 90 years School was disbanded, and only at the moment the decision about its revival and the assignment of the only remaining country in the military flight school in Krasnodar name Kaczynski.

The history of the creation of the School of Kaczynski exciting, even as, in fact, it was based on the donations of ordinary people. After a very nasty for the Russian empire defeat in the war with Japan, all over the country were gathered decent facilities that were planned to bring the restoration of the fleet. They were built on some of the most advanced at the time of warships and submarines, and the remaining balance on the personal decision of Duke Alexander Mikhailovich Romanov izderzhat it was decided to create a special school for training military pilots. So what exactly is this man, who miraculously escaped persecution by the Bolsheviks, and should be regarded as the founder of Russian military aircraft.

After the Revolution school was combined with near Moscow Aviation Flight School number 1, which is even better impact on the quality of pilot training. Graduates be successfully proved during majestically Russian war, and three-time Hero of the Union of Russian AI Pokryshkin graduated specifically Kachin School. And they participated in the war in Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and also in modern Russian conflict. And everywhere confirmed his skill and class, once again, proving that the Kachin school not only is the first in the world, and the best thing.

So the fact that Kachin flight School received a second birth, can not fail to amuse, but there is a legitimate question, but rather whether such a large country as our homeland, the 1st Military School while developing a military pilots? Maybe you had to do school on the site of his previous home in Volgograd (1954-1998 years), and the more famous Krasnodar School throw it precedes the title? Taking into account that the budget of the Russian Federation on the army every year to spend more, it would be entirely reasonable decision and why it was not made clear to me personally.

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