The horses were domesticated in the steppes of the Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan, confirmed by scientists

Horse driven cart with branches. Photo: SERGEI SUPINSKY / AFP / Getty Images

Study by researchers at the University of Cambridge has shown that the ancestors of domestic horses have lived in what is now Ukraine, south-west of Russia and western Kazakhstan. Where herds of horses spread across Europe and Asia, frequently replenished wild counterparts. American study was published May 7 in PNAS.
"The spread of domestic horses is different from the distribution of many other types of pets that their herds replenish local wild horses on an unprecedented scale. If this is the completion took place mainly at the expense of wild mares, this explains the large number of women's lines in the gene pool of horses, "- says Dr. Varmut Vera (Vera Warmuth) from the Department of Zoology, University of Cambridge.

The researchers concluded that the extinct ancestor of domestic horses, Equus Ferus, appeared in East Asia about 160,000 years ago. Domesticated animals in the west of the Eurasian steppes, and from there they spread across Europe and Asia.

The theory of the origin of domestic horses in the Eurasian steppes archaeologists have long been put forward, but now its confirmed research zoologists. In order to simulate the distribution of animals, researchers examined the genetic material of more than 300 horses from the Eurasian steppes.

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