The increase in fresh water in the Arctic Ocean will lead to a cooling of Europe

In the Arctic Ocean, significant rate increases the amount of fresh water, which leads to the expansion of the ocean and the changing global trends. According to scientists, this will lead to a change in ocean currents around Europe and can eventually lead to a marked cooling of the climate in Europe. This is reported by climate scientists at the University College London, who used from 1995 to 2011, satellite data for monitoring the height of the sea, and found that since 2002, the water surface in the western Arctic has risen by 15 centimeters.

According to specialists, during this period, the volume of fresh water in the Arctic Ocean has increased by at least eight thousand cubic meters. km, which is 10% of the total stock of all the fresh water in the Arctic Ocean. Growth of fresh water is in the first place, because of melting ice and to a lesser extent because of the freshwater river flows.

The study says that if the North Pole and will continue to be under the influence of the winds warming began in the 1980s and continued into the 1990s, it could lead to the fact that the resulting pool of fresh water will pour into the northern part of the Atlantic ocean, replacing the current. This fact leads to the fact that Europe will turn away from the coast of the Gulf Stream that gives it a milder winter than like Russia or Canada.

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